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Quran Dictionary - ص ف ر


The triliteral root ṣād fā rā (ص ف ر) occurs five times in the Quran, in three derived forms:

  • once as the adjective ṣuf'r (صُفْر)
  • once as the adjective ṣafrā (صَفْرَآء)
  • three times as the form IX active participle muṣ'farr (مُصْفَرّ)

The translations below are brief glosses intended as a guide to meaning. An Arabic word may have a range of meanings depending on context. Click on a word for more linguistic information, or to suggestion a correction.


(77:33:3) ṣuf'runyellow كَأَنَّهُ جِمَالَتٌ صُفْرٌ


(2:69:14) ṣafrāuyellow قَالَ إِنَّهُ يَقُولُ إِنَّهَا بَقَرَةٌ صَفْرَاءُ فَاقِعٌ لَوْنُهَا

Active participle (form IX)

(30:51:5) muṣ'farranturn yellow وَلَئِنْ أَرْسَلْنَا رِيحًا فَرَأَوْهُ مُصْفَرًّا لَظَلُّوا مِنْ بَعْدِهِ يَكْفُرُونَ
(39:21:22) muṣ'farranturn yellow ثُمَّ يَهِيجُ فَتَرَاهُ مُصْفَرًّا ثُمَّ يَجْعَلُهُ حُطَامًا
(57:20:22) muṣ'farranturning yellow ثُمَّ يَهِيجُ فَتَرَاهُ مُصْفَرًّا ثُمَّ يَكُونُ حُطَامًا

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