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You can use one or more keywords when searching the word by word translation, or you can use quotes to find an exact phrase.

  • Ibrahim - find all verses containing the word Ibrahim
  • they say- find either they or say
  • "old woman" - search for an exact phrase using quotes

Search Options

  • Words - search for whole words
  • Substrings - use partial matching: searching for nine will match nineteen
  • Exact phrase - return results that match all keywords in sequence

Verse and Word References

If you know the verse or word reference, you can type that directly into the search box:

  • 19:1 - chapter 19, verse 1
  • 7:66:4 - chapter 7, verse 66, word 4

Arabic Search

Using an Arabic keyword will find all words that match by stem. Prefixes and suffixes are ignored, as are diacritics and Quranic symbols:

Morphological Search

The following search operators work in combination using Arabic or with Buckwalter transliteration. See also the morphological search page.

  • stem:ktAb - list all words by stem (كتاب).
  • lem:{ll~ah - find all occurances of a lemma (الله).
  • root:zwj - search by root (زوج).
  • pos:v (x) - search by part-of-speech and form

Ontological Search

The con: search operator can be used to find occurances of a concept in the Quranic Ontology:

  • con:jibreel - list all occurances of the angel Jibreel

The Quran search shows at most 50 results per page. You can click on a verse reference to see a full list of English translations, or click on a word reference to see details of that word's morphology.

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