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Feedback (319 comments)


If you use the Quranic Arabic Corpus in academic research, please tell us so that we can cite your paper. The comments below highlight worldwide user feedback from academic reseachers, Quranic scholars and students of Arabic, who have found the Quranic Arabic Corpus useful:

Yousuf M. Islam

29th April, 2011

I regularly use your work on the Qur'an and read it whenever I can.
-Executive Director, Daffodil International University


28th April, 2011

Im brand new at this. I am really interested in learning and understanding the Quran.

Jasmin Mahmutovic

28th April, 2011

Salam Alaykum. May Allah reward you for your effort for making this project.

Bilal Muhammad

27th April, 2011

I love this site so much that I would pay for it. Thanks for all that you do.

Furqan Qureshi

26th April, 2011

Dear Kais,
You have indeed made an outstanding and fantastic contribution towards the learning of the Quran. I am currently enrolled at a ten month Quran learning course, and the most difficult part is Arabic grammar. To my credit, it is further tough as I cannot comprehend the lectures in Urdu despite this language being my mother tongue - thanks to English medium education throughout my academic career. Hence I take the lectures in Urdu, and then mentally convert the content to English in my notes. This is an ordeal. I have discussed your work with my Arabic grammar instructor, and your work is going to make my life simpler. May Allah bless you for your contribution. Many Thanks and Kind Regards.
- Karachi, Pakistan

Rajaa Redwan

22nd April, 2011

Dear Dr,
I‘d like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you. Throughout my study and thesis writing, I've found great support in your website. Right now I’m waiting thesis discussion which is supposed to be in the middle of May 2011. I wish Almighty God to watch over you and bless you all. Yours sincerely.

Abby Starri

22nd April, 2011

Sir, Salaam Alaikum.
I continually like to read the incredible excellent study performed at your university. I am certain that the incredibly hard task that you have done with those who helped you, will certainly benefit in this life and in the life after. My best regards and Allah may always be with you.
- Italy

Muhamad Rida

22nd April, 2011

Thank you for this excellent website.

Muhammad Shuhir Idris

20th April, 2011

Currently, this is the only web site that explains the Quran using a semantic ontology. Well done to the Quranic Arabic Corpus team.

Syifa Sjah

20th April, 2011

Hi. I'm a student at Al Huda Institute and I use this online Qur'an website often. It's such a valuable resource and I thank you so much for making it available to the public. I myself am still a complete beginner in the sciences of the Arabic language. I hope this reaches you in good health.
- Al Huda Institute, Canada

Dr. Abdul Razzaq

20th April, 2011

I am an associate professor and a student of the Quran. I was happy to find the information provided by the Quranic Arabic Corpus website. The website's search engine helps the research student of the Quran, like me. Allah bless you all.
- PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Pakistan.

Nadeem Raza

20th April, 2011

Asslam o Alakum Brother. Mashallah, the Quranic Arabic Corpus is a beautiful effort. I listen to and read the Quran's meanings through this website.


19th April, 2011

Salamun alaykum Brother Kais,
Thank you very much for the word by word Qur'an project. I have benefited immensely. I found the root for the word nabluwannakum, which was ba lam waw. Then through the website, I listed all verses which contain words with the same root. This helped me understand more of what this root means.
Jazakallahu khair.
- King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Mohd Khir Abu Yan

19th April, 2011

Assalamualaikum Dear Brother,
Thank God for the great work you have done at corpus.quran.com. It’s really amazing. May Allah reward you in Jannah for this wonderful work of yours. I am constantly using it to learn the Arabic language along with the Quran. I use the Internet to access your website, especially the word by word Quran page.
Thanks and regards.
- Data Center Manager, Telekom Malaysia

Taj Uddin

18th April, 2011

Assalaamualikum Brother Kais. I would like to express my appreciation for your work on the Quran. MashaAllah, well done. Taqaballahu minka.
- Sydney, Australia

Dr Nasrullah Khan

14th April, 2011

Respected Kais,
I am a medical graduate and I work as the head of department for Biochemistry. I am interested in Arabic morphology, and I have studied your research papers with great interest. You are an expert in the field of Arabic morphology, and here in this country very few books on this are available.
- Department of Biochemistry, Allama Iqbal Medical College, Pakistan

Michelle Neese

9th April, 2011

Salamu alaikum. I wish to say that I am pleased to have found a Quranic translation word by word on your site, and inshallah I will have great use for it to learn the Arabic language and also the Quran at the same time.

Shaheda Bassier

9th April, 2011

Assalamu Alaikum. Jazakullah khair for providing this incredible resource of Quranic grammar online. May Allah bless all involved abundantly for this invaluable resource.

Mountain Rose

8th April, 2011

Thank you, this is really a very helpful site.

Mahmoud Abunasser

7th April, 2011

Assalamo Alaikom Kais. I was looking at the morphological tagging of the Quran. I would like to thank you for the work you do and making it available to everyone.
- Department of Linguistics, University of Illinois

Gregory Crane

7th April, 2011

We are big admirers of the work that we have seen with Quranic Arabic. Your treebank is really a masterful job and you have already accomplished goals towards which we are still working, such as using the treebank to illustrate the actual grammar.
- Head of the Perseus Project, Tufts University


7th April, 2011

This is a very useful linguistic resource for learning Quranic grammar.

Professor Michael Arthur

5th April, 2011

Congratulations to all concerned on this project.
- Vice-Chancellor, University of Leeds.

March 2011

S'aad Bekker

31st March, 2011

As an expression of gratitude for the Quranic Arabic Corpus, I just want to take a few minutes to again thank you for this wonderful tool which you made available and maintain on the Internet. I am busy making a fresh new translation of the Quran into my mother tongue in South Africa, which is Afrikaans. Whilst I do use different available commentaries, your word for word breakdown of the Quranic verses has been of tremendous help to me. Thank you so much and may God bless you and the team working on this with the greatest of blessings here on Earth and also in the afterlife. Sincerely, and peace be with you.
- Potchefstroom, South Africa

Reaz Islam

31st March, 2011

Salam. May Allah reward you for your efforts for Quranic Arabic Corpus. I am just beginning to get a grasp on it. It's amazing.

Tarek Mahfouz

31st March, 2011

Alsamu Alikom. Thank you very much for this big effort. I’m an engineer and I’m working on a related project as a volunteer. Best Regards.

Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh

21st March, 2011

Assalamualaikum. May Allah (SWT) reward you enormously for your work. JazakAllahu khair.

Imran Chowdhury

19th March, 2011

As Salamu Alaikum. You have done an excellent Job with this Quran project. May Allah reward you tremendously for your service to the ummah.
- Qibla.com

Dr A. K. Toffar

17th March, 2011

Assalamu Alaikum. I have just browsed over your wonderful work on the Qur’an. It is a wonderful work which is very user friendly. May you be richly rewarded by Allah for this wonderful service to Islam and Muslims, especially students. Praying for your continued health and welfare.
- Faculty of Islamic Studies, International Peace University, South Africa.


10th March, 2011

Assalamu'-3alaikum waRahmatullaahi waBarakaatuhu. I Love this. Shows word by word translation in action. At the bottom of this page is an audio player for you listen to a recitation of the same verse, so you know how it sounds.

Tawab Wakil

8th March, 2011

Thank you for providing the Quran corpus online.

February 2011


25th February, 2011

This is a fantastic resource for the Qur'an produced at the University of Leeds (UK).

Naim Kocak

21st February, 2011

Salaam Mr. Dukes, Thank you so much for being part of the Quran corpus project. I am very impressed with you all. This is an excellent site! Thanks for your guidance in advance and may Allah be with you all.

Ahmad Baiquni

21st February, 2011

Dear Sir/Madam, I have visited corpus.quran.com, and am very impressed with this Quran project.

Adeeba Mir

15th February, 2011

Assalaamu Alykum, I am doing an online diploma in Islamic Studies. I am using your website to write notes in front of the word-to-word translation, and I print out each verse separately. This makes my work very easy. Jazak Allah Khair.


12th February, 2011

Salaam and peace and blessings to you. I would like to compliment you by saying that this is a great site, Maasahallah.
- QuranWiki

Aatiq Muthy

7th February, 2011

Assalamu Alaykum. Some amazing work you have achieved.

Rajaa Redwan

5th February, 2011

Dear Dr. Kais, I'd like to inform you that this web site is very helpful to me and my friends. We are very grateful to you. Best regards. Yours sincerely.

Azhar Islam

1st February, 2011

Assalam-o-Alaikum. May Allah the almighty prosper you and your team of the corpus Quran project.

January 2011

Muhammad Khalid Shaf

31st January, 2011

Dear Mr. Kais Dukes, The Quranic Arabic Corpus website was introduced to me by my son Amir, at present in Canada. I have found it immensely useful and congratulate you on this commendable work. May Allah bless you.

Babacar Dia

31st January, 2011

Hello, thank you for this majestical site!

Tawab Wakil

31st January, 2011

Hello. Thank you so much for making accessible the Quranic Arabic Corpus! I just came across this gem of a website by chance and I'm sure it will become an essential reference tool for me. Keep up the good work.

Hameed Ulla Khan

31st January, 2011

Dear Brother, Assalam ale kum. This is the website I was looking for, for a very long time. It has everything I want, especially the word by word Quran.
- New Jersey, USA

Yasir Syeed

16th January, 2011

Salam Brother Kais. Just felt I had to reach to you to say THANK YOU, and may Allah bless you for your work with the Quranic Arabic Corpus. Simply amazing! I pray you and your family are granted great success in this life the next, this is really a superb effort. I don't even know how you could have done this it's so impressive! I read your online profile... how do you do it all? Do you have 36 hours in your day? :-) Fee Aman Allah.


12th January, 2011

I would like to thank you all for your nice Quran project.

Mashhood Akhtar

11th January, 2011

Brother Kais, Aslam-O-Alikum. I read in your interview that you said people are requesting more features from the website. I want to help you in any way I can. I have no demands, but I want to help in your current and future projects.

Sebghatullah Bashardost

9th January, 2011

Hi. Hopefully you're alright and doing well. I'm so glad that I found your nice website.

Wael Eraky

8th January, 2011

Dear All, Thank you really for this website. Because of this website, there are many non-Muslims reading the Quran, and now they know the truth. I know one family who read this website and have now converted to Islam. May Allah help you for supporting Islam.

December 2010


31st December, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words. So a concrete example that you can not only see, but also play with, is worth ten thousand words. The Quranic Arabic Corpus incorporates much of my vision for the study of the Bible in the third millennium of our civilization. For "under the hood" details, see the description of the research of Kais Dukes. Three elements of this project are morphological annotation, a syntax treebank and a semantic ontology. All three are combined into a web user interface in such a way that collaboration is possible. The general public interested in the Quran itself can browse the original Arabic text, and dive into morphology, syntax and semantics as desired. Scholars can work on the actual analysis simply by logging in. This model of linguistic annotation of a corpus can easily be extended to include bibliography, web resources, archaeological and historical data - the possibilities are endless. One extension ought to be the ability to add user annotation which is stored locally on the user/visitor’s own computer but which integrates seamlessly with the website. I noticed one feature that is lacking: the ability for complex searching, using the morphology, syntax and semantic annotations. There is a search box for simple text queries, but a more sophisticated search engine would greatly enhance the value of this remarkable resource.
- CapnKirk Blog

Abdul Wahid

27th December, 2010

Hi Kais, I am reading through the lemmas for the Quran listed on this website. I'm trying to work my way through it from beginning to end, and find it very useful.

Pete Morris

27th December, 2010

Hi there. I use the corpus.quran.com website quite a lot. I find it great to look at your work.

Ainul Islam

26th December, 2010

Salaam Kais. I was your classmate at Imperial College. It’s funny how people connect. Your name was mentioned during a conversation of the Quran work that you are doing at the moment. Pray all is well with you and your family. May Allah bless all your work and effort in this life and hereafter.

November 2010

Shaikh Ali

24th November, 2010

Assallamu Alaykum. This is a very beautiful word for word Qur'an. I hope it becomes available in book form and I can buy a copy of it.

Hatim Zaghloul

20th November, 2010

Salamu Alaikum,
I would love to thank you for the great effort you have put into this work. I cannot tell you how valuable it has been to me. May Allah reward you with paradise for the effort.

Alihusain Datoo

19th November, 2010

We, The Quran Academy, are extremely expressed by the work you have completed and developed on your website. The corpus is extremely impressive.
- Head of Media and Lecturer, The Quranic Academy

Amr Dabour

14th November, 2010

A wonderful website!

Teuku Edward

12th November, 2010

Assalamu 'alaikum warahmatullah, brother Kais. Jazakumullah khairan for your effort with the Corpus :) May Allah grant you with sabr and tawadhu'.

Dell Vost

11th November, 2010

I came across your corpus.quran.com site. Excellent work.

Abdul Vahid

11th November, 2010

Dear Brother, Assalamu Alaikkum. Alhamdhulillah, Great Work. Inshallah, I appreciate your work. Jazakallah.


8th November, 2010

Salaam Aleykum Brother. I use corpus.quran.com word by word daily for my study and alhamdulillah, I love using it. Many thanks, wasalaam.

Aa. Ab.

7th November, 2010

Your Quran NLP work is a truly beautiful and profound act. May God bless you for this tremendous achievement.

Mamadoudian Bah

2nd November, 2010

I love this project, and I hope it will be successful.

October 2010

Zarin Am

31st October, 2010

As salaam u a'3laikom wa rahmatullaah wa baraktuh. Jaza kallah khair.

Jasmin Mahmutovic

30th October, 2010

You did great job starting this project.

Nicholas Boake

30th October, 2010

Thank you Kais.

Gibbrey Muthalib

30th October, 2010

Assalaamu Allaikum, thank you. Although I am able to recite the Holy Quran allhamdulillah, I wish to memorize and learn and understand the Quranic language, so that I can share it with my muslim friends and relations.

Ryan Brizendine

29th October, 2010

Thank you Kais, and baraka Allahu fika for the site and all of your efforts. Best wishes.
- University of Chicago

Taqi Hashmi

29th October, 2010

Thank you for this wonderful resource and please extend my thanks to your colleagues who worked on this project.

Peter McCaffery

26th October, 2010

I'm grateful to you for developing the software that offers online the grammatical analysis of each sentence in the Qur'an, at http://corpus.quran.com. Though I know no Arabic, I'm finding I can use it to discover which root is being used at any particular place, and then check out where else it occurs. I shall certainly recommend it to students who are taking courses in Religious Studies and Arabic at the same time. Best wishes.
- School of Divinity, History and Philosophy, University of Aberdeen

Edward Horne

17th October, 2010

Brother Kais, I had Internet installed in my home a few weeks ago (at San Carlos, Nicaragua) and was delighted to find your website. Your work has answered many of the questions which had troubled me, and I'm grateful. Peace be with you, and God's blessings for the outstanding effort and success evident in your project.
- San Carlos, Nicaragua

Shahzad Khan

15th October, 2010

Dear Brother, Assalam O alaikum. You guys are doing a wonderful job. Mashallah.

Jewel Mashud

14th October, 2010

Salamu Alaykum. Jazak Allah Khayran for your efforts. This website is really helpful for earling Quranic Arabic.

Toro Kambali

14th October, 2010

Hello Kais. I find that the Quranic Arabic Corpus is very educating for all of us. Thank you and kind regards.

Hanif Ellahi

12th October, 2010

Dear Kais Dukes, Your word for word Quranic Arabic Corpus is beautiful.

Troy Colts

10th October, 2010

My deepest thanks for a such a wonderful resource! I don't know Arabic, but I want to help make your incredible resource just that little bit better.

Saeid Akhavan Ghorbani

7th October, 2010

Hi. I want to thank you for your Quranic Arabic Corpus website. It's great.

Mostafa Asaduzzaman

6th October, 2010

Assalamu Alaikum. I am eager to learn the grammar and meaning of Quranic words. Your online material is more than enough. Jazakallah Khair.

Dr A. K. Vania

3rd October, 2010

I stumbled across your site today whilst struggling with a lesson on Haal which is part of my Arabic studies. I was astonished by the quality of your material, and wish you every success in your work. I am a Doctor in Leicester, but study Arabic in my spare time through a range of resources. I am especially keen to enhance my ability to do dependency graphs. These are usually tables in other ways of teaching. I think that these graphs will be central to a grasp of the language.
- Leicester, United Kindgom

S. M. Nur Elahi

1st October, 2010

Dear Brothers, Assalamualikum. This is a fantastic resource I came across for reading the Holy Qur'an online. It's brilliant indeed! Jajakallahu khairan.
- Brussels, Belgium

September 2010

Nasir Hussain

29th September, 2010

I have just gone through some of the pages on your website related to the word by word online grammar of the Quran. This is a excellent tool to learn from.

Dr. M. M. Mirza

27th September, 2010

I happened to visit your website and I have I found it very useful. Sincere regards.

Mohamad Melik

22nd September, 2010

Thank you very much for your excellent web site at corpus.quran.com.

Dr. Muhammad Afzal Chowhan

21st September, 2010

You have done great work on the language and grammar of the Quran.

Humaira Nazeer

20th September, 2010

Assalamu Aalikum. I have visited your website and it's realy wonderful work.

Sayed Abdullah Emrani

20th September, 2010

Dear Kais,
I have been reciting the Quran for many years, but the problem I have faced is grammar. Thank you for being such a great person and providing this website.
- Interpreter, Afghanistan


19th September, 2010

Assalamu Alykum,
I am a Muslim, a professional and living in North Leeds and recently came across your website corpus.quran.com. Naturally, I have a special interest in the Quran. I would like to know more about your work and how I can learn and indeed even help. Its a great project and May Allah make it successful.
- Leeds, United Kingdom

Saleh Kashem

17th September, 2010

Hello Kais. Salam. I am a software engineer based in Dallas, Texas. I want to contribute and learn about your research projects. Thanks for sharing your work with the world.
- Texas Instruments, Education Technology

Fathia Refky

15th September, 2010

Dear sir,
Thanks for the enormous information available on your website. I am a postgraduate student of linguistics.
- Al-Azhar University, Egypt

Imants Kalnins

15th September, 2010

Thank you very much! Yours sincerely.
- Latvia

Brian Chapman

14th September, 2010

I am an American English teacher living in Amman, Jordan. Although a teacher by trade, I have been a student of the culture and language of the Middle East since I spent the summer in Gaza shortly after completing university back in 1997. Recently I have committed to getting a much better grasp of the Arabic language, registering in formal courses through the University here. One of my goals is to become more proficient at reading the Qur'an in Arabic as many of my Arab friends tell me this is the best way to learn the Arabic language. Theories of language acquisition aside, it seems a good suggestion. Somehow I discovered your corpus.quran.com website and it is a treasure for anyone trying to learn the Arabic language from the Qur'an! Thank-you for your hard work in making this resource available - I greatly appreciate it and I am sure others do as well.

Iftikhar Zaman

10th September, 2010

Great work! Without any hyperbole, I think this work you have done could be one of the major scholarly events of this century. What will make it or break it will be our ability to develop appropriate uses for it.
- Quranic Researcher, Pakistan

Madiha Hashmi

8th September, 2010

Dear Kais Dukes,
I have been using your site corpus.quran.com and I'm very pleased with the great effort that you and the team must have put in it for the benefit of others. Thank you for your time. May God accept and bless your efforts making the Quran more accessible to people than ever before.


4th September, 2010

I really appreciate the work you are doing, and I thank you for it.

August 2010

Mohammad Mostafa

30th August, 2010

Dear Kais, I am a PhD student starting in the NLP field. I am enthusiastic about the possiblity of the chance to contribute to your project.

Masood Ahmed Mian

27th August, 2010

As Salam O Allaikum Kais,
Jazzak Allah and thank you. I am willing to learn more from you as you have done great research work. May Allah always bless you and protect you!

Sohaib Sandhu

26th August, 2010

Dear Kais,
Asalamoalaikum. I have come across your wesite in the past and came across it again today. I wanted to know how someone like me could contribute towards the work you are doing. Although I've been in KSA, my Arabic is still at beginner level, but I would like to contribute if possible.
- Lecturer, Taibah University

Farooq Khan

26th August, 2010

Salaamu alaikum Kais and ramadan kareem. I am a chartered mechanical engineer and working as an engineering consultant, and in the evenings and weekends I teach Quran courses, at level 1 and 2 in Reading, Bracknell and London areas. Jazak Allah khair. Much appreciated.

Zainab Muzzafa

26th August, 2010

JazekAllah khair, dear brother. Ramadan kareem.

Mohamed Benajiba

23rd August, 2010

Dear Sir,
I have been using the Quran ontology map, with all the concepts linked. I have been very impressed with this kind of mapping. It's the first time in my life that I’ve seen such work, and I find it very interesting. I have myself studied in engineering school, and I love scientific insight into the Quran. Thank you for your work.

Muhammad Malik

21st August, 2010

God bless you. Your forum is a good source of learning.

Khairun Nisa Bacchus

18th August, 2010

Assalamu Alaikum. I just want to say thank you for the Quranic Arabic Corpus. May Allah reward you tremendously.

Muhammad Ghurma

18th August, 2010

Dear Kais,
I really like your corpus site, it is very useful. We are teaching fus'ha Arabic from the Madinah Books, and consult your site. I copied the verbs from your site, as I am making a PowerPoint of Quranic verbs for the class.
- Canada

Dr. Yosep Saepudin

18th August, 2010

Thanks very much. Your website, the Quranic Arabic Corpus, is a very nice project. May Allah bless you.
- Indonesian Research Institute for Animal Production


17th August, 2010

Thank you. God bless all of you who made this possible. I will definitely refer to this website again.

Khalid Zaman

14th August, 2010

Salaam o Alaikum Kais. Ramadan Kareem.

Noushin Rezapour

11th August, 2010

I have seen your website and your PhD thesis topic seems very interesting. I always have one question on my mind and that is how we can use NLP tools to discover the secret behind those letters at the beginning of some of the suras of the Quran. I am sure by using NLP tools we can find very interesting results. Perhaps we can count the letters in the whole sura and ignore those special letters at the beginning (because those letters seems to appear almost in each word) and then sort them from low frequency to high frequency. That is one idea. I am sure you are the right person who can discover the secrets of Quran with the help of your friends. I am sure Allah has hidden secrets in Quran to be discovered by intelligent people like you. Thanks for reading my message and best of luck with your PhD.
- University of Leeds

Haissam Mouhasse

5th August, 2010

Dear Kais, Thank you for your great effort. Best Regards.

Yasir Javed

4th August, 2010

Assalam-O-Alaikum! I have been exploring the corpus site for last few months. You are doing a great job mashAllah and must be a busy man. May Allah reward you for your efforts.

Zulqanayen Helal

1st August, 2010

Assalamu 'alaikum. MashaAllah. I am amazed by the work at the corpus website.

July 2010

Maggie Amin

31st July, 2010

As-Salam Aleikom Kais. I cannot begin to tell you how much I am sold on your Quran project. You are an inspiration. You have used your intelligence to benefit others, may Allah reward you for this ground breaking job.
- Toronto

M. Yousuf

22nd July, 2010

This is a wonderful site. A brilliant research project by the University of Leeds, Language Research Group.

Raheel Khan

17th July, 2010

I'd like to say I'm very impressed by your site. It is a great resource to learn the Arabic of the Quran.

Faisal Qureshi

16th July, 2010

Assalamu alaikum. Great website, so I wanted to congratulate you guys. Insha allah I’m going to book mark this site and continue to use it. Thanks again for a very good resource.
- SQL Server Support Engineer, Microsoft Corporation

Dr Kevin Donnelly

16th July, 2010

Hi Kais, I just came across the Quranic Arabic Corpus, which seems a wonderful resource.
- University of Southampton

Tadar Wazir

16th July, 2010

As-Salaam-u alaikum Kais. I work as a chaplain in correctional centers in the State of Missouri, U.S.A. Thanks for your permission to use the Quranic Arabic Corpus in these correctional centers. I plan to copy from this website and distribute the work to the offenders.
- Missouri, United States

Fareedah Sidqui

16th July, 2010

As-Salaamu-Alaikum. I pray that you and your family are well. Myself and some of my brothers and sisters are striving to learn Quranic Arabic and the grammar using this website.

Irvan Rabiullah

15th July, 2010

Assalamualaikum. I want to say thank you very much for this website.
- Indonesia.

Emas Khalid

12th July, 2010

As-salamu Alaikum. I am masters student in computer science. I hope that I can use your syntactic treebank in my research.

Javed Shaikh

11th July, 2010

This work is great. May Allah bless you guys.

Sufia Abdulla

2nd July, 2010

Jazakallah Kais.

June 2010


28th June, 2010

Hi Kais. My name is Abdul-Rahman, and I'm 26 years old. I became aware of your work after visting the Quranic Arabic Corpus website.

Ali Abdul Aziz

21st June, 2010

Assalaamu alaikum,
This past weekend I discovered your website corpus.quran.com and, alhamdulillah, I have gained much needed insight into the grammar of the Qur'an. I hope you will publish this work, including the word morphology links. I am English speaking only and have been learning Arabic when possible with no formal teacher or classes. There are many Muslims here in the U.S. who either cannot afford formal classical Arabic lessons or read but can't speak Arabic, but we are eager to better understand the Qur'an. We prefer not to memorize an ayah and fail to understand the meaning of each word within it. I hope this website content (including any revisions made) will be published soon and made available in the U.S. and elsewhere. If possible, please keep me informed of plans for publication.

Sufia Abdullah

20th June, 2010

I went into the Quranic Arabic Corpus in search of Quranic knowledge and alhamdullilah I found your website thoroughly enlightening.
- Malaysia

Onur Unver

18th June, 2010

I sincerely appreciate your work. Thank you very much for this project. I am a student trying to learn the Arabic language as well as the Quran and I felt obligated to thank you for this great piece of work. I have to admit that I am learning faster and more using this website than my actual classes. This is an incredible tool for all learners! I know it is demanding at the start, but I hope you will make this tool available for more languages in the future and I suppose the purpose of the GNU public licence is to serve exactly this purpose. I am pretty sure, people all around the world would be willing to participate in a project like this to make it more accessible to people of all languages. I hope you will see the beautiful results of your work both in this world and in paradise.
Why I love your website is that everything I learn in class has a corresponding example in your project. Sometime the assigned practices become repetitive, and they loose on the thinking part but in your project, I see all the rules implemented together, with different color codes, including the meaning and the grammar explanation. That is really important for a visual person like me. It is like detailed flash cards. You also have each verse voiced (pronounced) down there! I've even memorized the last two verses of the "Surah Bakara" while studying! And when I click on a word (or meaning) it goes to the Quranic dictionary and gives me many different forms of the word too. This is beyond what I was looking for when I came across your project through a friend. Thanks again for this great tool.

Gibran Mahmud

14th June, 2010

May Allah give much sawab to the makers of this excellent project.

Tato Sugiarto

12th June, 2010

Dear Sirs, The Quranic Arabic Corpus is very helpful for me in studying Islam seriously. Thank you.

S'aad Bekker

9th June, 2010

I enjoy using the word by word grammar provided by your website.

Mizanur Rahman

7th June, 2010

Thank you, I have been finding this site (and the project) very useful.

Siraj Al Islam

5th June, 2010

I am a lawyer, but have a passion for Arabic and I am currently doing a PhD in Islamic Studies at Lampeter. What you are doing is absolutely amazing. Thank you.
- Associate at Baker Botts, Saudi Arabia

May 2010


31st May, 2010

Jazakallah Khairan. This is a very useful site.


30th May, 2010

This is interesting and pretty amazing to see!

Leo Imanov

26th May, 2010

Thank you very much indeed for this site.


26th May, 2010

Very useful indeed!


26th May, 2010

MashaAllaah. This looks like a lot of work.

F. M.

24th May, 2010

Asalamu Alaykum,
I just wanted to say JazakhAllah Khair, for creating such a simple and accessible website. One of the best resources for understanding the Quran on the internet that I've found. Both my technophobic mother and my 7 year old brother are able to use it with ease. Also a new revert sister found it very useful too. Carry on the good work, inshallah Allah will provide you with all the resources you will need to carry on with your efforts. May Allah reward you.

Fathia Refky

24th May, 2010

Dear All,
Thanks very much for this splendid website and your perseverance. It is a great attempt.
- Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt

Frank Antonson

23rd May, 2010

Thanks for this. I especially like this site. I promptly joined it. I have been wanting to know more about the Holy Quran for much of my life. This looks like an appealing way to explore it, for me, a linguist.
- English Teacher, USA

Ishaq Abdul Kader

23rd May, 2010

Assalamu alaykkum wa Rahmathullahi wa Barakathuhu,
Alhamdhulillah, I found your Quran site excellent. This can be used to learn Quranic Arabic and the Quran itself. This is great and useful for the millions of non-arabic speaking muslims worldwide. Jazzakkallahu Khairan. Your brother in Islam.


20th May, 2010

The Quranic Arabic Corpus - An outstanding tool!

Syed Nasim

14th May, 2010

Thank you. I do have suggestions that might improve further the already excellent material that you have developed. However, before making any comments I need to familiarize myself further with the overall aims and objectives of this excellent project. May God bless you for this outstanding work.

Hassan Rom

13th May, 2010

Assalamu Alaikum,
I am a student of Arabic and I love your syntactic tree diagrams on http://corpus.quran.com!
- Software Engineer, Google
- Alumni, Carnegie Mellon University

Ieishah Edwards

7th May, 2010

Your endeavor regarding the Quran Corpus is commendable.
- New York

Valerie Zimmerman

6th May, 2010

The Quranic Arabic Corpus is wonderful!

Rashid Majid

6th May, 2010

The Quran dictionary is excellent and I love using it. This website is really good. Thank you.

Abdullah AlRajeh

4th May, 2010

As-Salamu Alaykum Kais,
It's my pleasure to know you and I'm really impressed with your work on the Quranic Arabic Corpus. It's amazing!
- Computer Research Institute, KACST, Saudi Arabia

Mubaashir Uqdah

1st May, 2009

As Salaamu Alaikum!
Kais, first let me say this is the best program out there. It is fantastic! Thanks, this is a great, great, great contribution to all of us. May Allah reward you everytime someone benefits from this site. Peace be upon you.
- Pennsylvania, USA

April 2010


27th April, 2010

This is the best website I have ever visited, with a detailed analysis of Quranic words, showing the way they have been used.

Nur Syahroni

27th April, 2010

Assalamu'alaikum Brother Kais,
Jazakallahu khair. I have visited your Quranic Arabic Corpus website. It's really amazing work, since your background is mainly in software engineering. I've realized that as Muslim we have to spend more of our time in learning and understanding the Quran. Since my mother tongue is not Arabic, when I started to learn it a few times previously, I found some difficulties. By using your website, learning the Quran has become much easier and more enjoyable. It makes my motivation to understand the Quran even higher. It's my honor to know you. Jazakallahu khairan kathiran. Wassalam.
- Department of Marine Technology, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

Farhan Raja

19th April, 2010

This is an amazing website and resource for studying The Quran. May God reward you for your work.

Nazir Hassan

13th April, 2010

Assalaamu Alaikum Brother,
I just wanted to take a moment to say a huge "Thank you!". May Allah (swt) reward you and all involved for this effort. This site is phenomenal to say the least. It is helping tremendously in my study of the Arabic language. Jazakallau Khair.

Taufiq Wirahman

6th April, 2010

Dear Kais,
I am very impressed with this project. I am a junior researcher at a research institute, and have an interest in the fields of the semantic web and open source. I am eager to be able to contribute to this project. Salaam.
- Indonesian Institute of Sciences

Kenan Kalajdzic

3rd April, 2010

Dear Mr. Dukes,
A few months ago I got an email from a friend, pointing me to the web site of the Quranic Arabic Corpus. I've been using your site since then, and I would first like to congratulate you on the excellent work you've done so far. I also look forward to any additions you make to enhance the software.
- Security Analyst, Bosnia

Majid Tahir

1st April, 2010

Wow! What an amazing site and wonderful research! Good job!
- Business Logic Consulting

March 2010


30th March, 2010

This looks like an awesome site.

Dr. Fazlul Haque

30th March, 2010

Dear Brother,
I am a lecturer in applied linguistics. I have gone through your website and found it very essential for learners, researchers and for curious Muslims. Actually, I am planning to write a book on the basic words of the Quran for the Bengali speaking people who have a little knowledge about Arabic, and I intend to use this website which is very useful. Thank you again for improving this site.
- Kurigram College, Bangladesh

Qurat ul Ain

29th March, 2010

Assalam o Alaikum Sir,
I really appreciate your Quranic Arabic Corpus project. Its really an awesome work, May Allah reward you much more than you expect from Him! :) I have seen your ontology on your site, Masha Allah its one gem of a work.
- National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad, Pakistan

Caleb Barr

25th March, 2010

Kais Dukes == amazingly talented =)
- Computational Linguist, University of Washington

Dr. Ihsanul Haq

25th March, 2010

Thanks Kais very much. I feel privileged to be associated with such a noble endeavor. I look forward to a very productive association, specially in areas suggested by you. Best.
- Peshawar, Pakistan


23rd March, 2010

This is so exciting! I came upon this site awhile ago, but it looks so much better and fuller now. Alhamdulillah. Yay!

J. Samia Mair

22nd March, 2010

If you want an excellent resource on the Qur'an, visit the Quranic Arabic Corpus. The website provides a wealth of information. To appreciate it fully one really needs to view it. This is an this incredible undertaking.
- Examiner.com, Baltimore, Maryland

Jamal Hassan

20th March, 2010

Assalamu alaikum, Br. Kais,
I have come to know of your site, the Quranic Arabic Corpus, through a friend and have taken a quick look at it it. Al hamdu lillah. It is very useful and advances the cause of Qur'anic education, in English, considerably. May Allah reward you immensely for your work in his path. May he include you among those he chooses to admit to paradise. Ameen. Wassalam.
- Toronto, Canada


19th March, 2010

Your site is amazingly helpful. Wonderful project. I will try to benefit from it, and thanks for your work on this site. It makes my efforts to learn the Quran much easier than when there was just paper available!


19th March, 2010

Hi. First I would like to say Wow! This is the best word for word Qur'an I have ever come across, and is perfect for me as a student learning Arabic.
Thanks, Adam.

Azam Ali

14th March, 2010

Dear Kais,
Assalam u alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. I came across corpus.quran.com for the first time today. Jazakallah for the amazing work!
- Dubai

Q. A.

11th March, 2010

A phenomenal project. Please everyone, help graciously! Thanks.

Farahim Salafi

10th March, 2010

Assalamu Alaykum distinguished Kais!
Before I saw your wonderful site, I read the reviews from site visitors who have written to you about their feelings of gratitude for this very necessary work. That was enough to have got a strong impression about the project, and about you, the initiator and developer of the site. Today, with the great desire to study the Quran, it is not possible to supply the demand for individual teachers, textbooks, and dictionaries of the Arabic language. For this effort, the will of Almighty God is a global process. Then a man comes to the rescue with just such a source of knowledge ... your website and other sources of this kind. That's why users of your site thank you!
Sincerely, Farahim Salafi
- Russia

Yavuz Yazan

10th March, 2010

Thank you very much for your effort. Best Regards.
- Turkey

Salma Mansour

9th March, 2010

Dear Kais,
I am a PhD student at CTS, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Leeds. I had a look at the Quranic website, it is amazing!
- University of Leeds


7th March, 2010

Allahi jazik bikhair for this website, The Quranic Arabic Corpus! It's really the best website to learn the Arabic words of the Holy Quran.
- France

Sumayya Baqai

7th March, 2010

Respected Sir,
I hope this e-mail finds you in the best of your health. What brings me to email you is your marvellous work regarding Quran Arabic Corpus, so let me congratulate you on such an excellent effort. Thank you very much.
- National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad, Pakistan

Muhammad Shakeel

5th March, 2010

I found this site very useful, and it is a very big effort for understanding the Quran.
- Senior Engineer at Ericsson, Saudi Arabia

Safiah Madkhali

2nd March, 2010

This is Safiah Madkhali from Saudi Arabia. Thanks to everyone who shared in the Qur'anic Arabic Corpus project.
- Saudi Arabia

February 2010

Fauzia Khan

26th February, 2010

Assalaammu Alaikum,
Thank you for an amazing site. Jazak Allah Khair.

Aaishah al-Husayn

24th February, 2010

Dear Mr Kais Dukes,
I am a student of Arabic in London. I have read with much interest, about your recent project to develop an accurate, on-line resource of the syntax of the Qur'an, which you are undertaking at the University of Leeds. I was very pleased to discover that you are basing your research and presentation of the analysis, on the detailed analysis provided by the web-site of the King Fahd Qur'an Printing Complex - in Madinah KSA.
- Student of Arabic, London

Samir Abboushi

23rd February, 2010

Peace Kais Dukes,
I have discovered the wonderful work that you have done at corpus.quran.com. Thank you for making it available to those of us who wish to learn.
- Houston, Texas

Nabila Butt

22nd February, 2010

I visited your Quran Ontology page. It is very good. Barakallah feehee. I teach Quran to little kids and the concept charts are very interesting. Insha Allah I will use them in my classes.

Waseem Ahmed

21st February, 2010

Hi Kais,
This is Waseem Ahmed. I am a Masters degree student at the University of Jordan, in Computer Science. I visited the Quran corpus website. It is very big work and we are using it in further research.
- University of Jordan


20th February, 2010

Salaam u'alaikoem. BarakAllahoefiek for sharing this site with us. I really like the word for word of the quran.

Abdul Hafiz

18th February, 2010

Salaam Brother,
I hope you are in the best of health. I was directed to your website via the shariahprogram.ca forum, and I am deeply impressed by your work. May Allah bless you and reward you handsomely both in this life and the next. Allah has said that those who strive in his path will be rewarded tremendously in the Hereafter, and I am sure you will be one of those. My Name is Abdul Hafiz and I am currently studying advanced Islamic studies at Darul Uloom in the UK. I am in the 5th out of 6 years, and will be doing advanced Hadith studies next year. This year, I am doing Advanced Quran Studies. If i can be of any help to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.
- Darul Uloom, United Kingdom

Kaharina Harlow

18th February, 2010

Salaam Alaikoum Kais,
Thank you very much for all your efforts with this amazing learning tool.
- Pacific Grove, California

Mahboobeh Dadkhah

14th February, 2010

Salam Brother Kais,
First of all I must thank you a lot. I'm very eager about your work at the University of Leeds, and I want to know more about it. And also the ontology that you've made, it's great.
Best Regards.
- M.Sc. student, Software Engineering

Hussain Fahmy

9th February, 2010

Dear Mr. Dukes,
We appreciate your efforts. Jazak Allah khair and salaam.
- United Arab Emirates

Badiuzzaman Mohamed

7th February, 2010

Firstly may Allah bless you for your untiring efforts to help bring more Muslims closer to the Quran. I personally find the syntactic treebank most useful, as it goes beyond the word by word format by showing relationships between those words.
- Singapore

Jagjit Singh

7th February, 2010

Thanks Kais. This is a great website. I really appreciate your and the team's efforts. May Allah reward all of you. Jazak Allah Khairan.

Johan Zahri

6th February, 2010

Salam Alaykum Brother Kais. I'm glad that there is a serious word by word tagged analysis effort for the Quran.

Latifa Al-Sulaiti

6th February, 2010

I had a look at this website the other day. It is really fantastic! It seems to draw the attention of the whole world, especially those who have an interest in Islam and the Qur'an.
- University of Leeds

Ryan Brizendine

2nd February, 2010

I just wanted to take a minute from my work to thank you for the Quranic Arabic Corpus website. I was just alerted to its existence 2-3 weeks back and was so happy to learn of it. In fact, I had wondered for several years why nothing of the sort had yet been established (and even contemplated designing something of the sort myself, if I didn't lack the necessary technical training), as it is just the sort of useful and important project which the internet is perfectly suited for. I haven't yet explored the site in full, but, as an Islamic and Qur'anic studies scholar-in-training presently employed as a translator of tafasir and ahadith, have benefited from the search functions and grammatical notes already on a few occasions. Anyway, I just wanted to express my appreciation and to encourage you keep up the good work.
- University of Chicago

Mohammed Noh Satibi

1st February, 2010

Greetings Mr Kais Dukes,
Firstly we must thank God for your excellent work, and secondly for making this Quranic Arabic Corpus freely available under the GNU public license. Alhamdulillah. We use your website for study. Now that you have published your excellent work, almost half of our work is done. We will still consult grammar books, but it is much easier this way. Thank God for your excellent service. Again thank God for your kindness in putting this corpus freely available under the GNU public license. Alhamdulillah. You are in our prayers, and may God guide us to the correct way, inshallah. Peace.
- Malaysia

January 2010

Aaron Wenner

28th January, 2010

I'm extremely impressed with the Qur'an project. Your implementation of Qur'anic grammar alongside the text and the resulting interlinear format will be a major tool for researchers and instructors everywhere.
- Harvard University, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Tanveer Ahmed

28th January, 2010

I hope my e-mail finds you in good health, and your project goes from strength to strength as the days go by.


27th January, 2010

This website contains detailed grammatical information for every word of the Qur'an. Very useful resource for those who are using the Qur'an to learn Arabic!


27th January, 2010


Tayyeba Faisal

26th January, 2010

Dear Dr. Atwell,
I am greatly impressed by the work done by your natural language research team regarding the building of the Quranic corpus and the Quranic concepts ontology.
- National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan


26th January, 2010

This is a fantastic resource I came across some time ago for reading the Holy Qur'an online. It's brilliant!

Muhammad Usman Khan

25th January, 2010

Assalamo Alaikum,
I have viewed your web site and found it very informative. I shall ever remain thankful.
- Pakistan


25th January, 2010

Jazaakallah khair for this. This is great! I always thought how lovely it would be if something like this was done for the whole Qur'an, and here it is! May Allah reward you abundantly both in this world and the next. Ameen.

Shuaib Hanief

23rd January, 2010

I wanted to give you some feedback. I primarily use the site for learning Arabic. There is no tool like the one you have developed.

Muneem Wahid

22nd January, 2010

Salaam Kais,
I came across your website and have found that your absolute precision with respect to each individual word is helping me much in order to understand the grammar and literal meanings much more. With your site, I am more easily able to spot patterns, tenses, objects/subjects and the many other grammatical components. This in turn allows me to add meaning to each Arabic word component.

Muhammad Dawood

20th January, 2010

Dear Brother,
May Allah, the most knowledgeable, help you in your magnificent project. I am happy to see such a stylish and great effort, and wish I could participate in such a great work.

Boumediene Belkhouche

19th January, 2010

Dear Kais,
I am impressed by the quality and extent of your work on the Qur'an. One aspect that I am interested is your approach to representing the grammar (the syntactic treebank).
- United Arabic Emirates University

Saleem Kalathil

19th January, 2010

I Hope this finds you well and fine by the mercy of Allah. I take this opportunity to appreciate you for your website and work on the Quran. May allah bless you in this world and hereafter to the way to Jannah.
- Doha, Qatar


18th January, 2010

Alhamdullillah this site is very helpful.

Fatma Faisal Saad Said

15th January, 2010

Dear Kais,
Thank you for this great initiative, I appreciate the hard work that goes into this. If there is anything I can do to help the project linguistically then please let me know and I am more than pleased to make the time. Thanks for setting up this much needed project.
- Department of Applied Linguistics, Birkbeck, University of London

Abu Treika

10th January, 2010

Just had a quick browse. What an excellent resource masha'allah.

Abu Hannah

10th January, 2010

Agreed, and now saved to bookmarks...

Behnam Sadeghi

8th January, 2010

Dear Kais,
My name is Behnam, and I'm a professor of Islamic studies at Stanford. I was delighted to see the Quranic Arabic Corpus, and I would like to applaud you for your effort.
- Stanford University, Department of Religious Studies

Haq Nawaz

7th January, 2009

My name is Haq Nawaz from Pakistan. I am a software engineer and student of madrasah learning Classic Arabic morphology. During surfing, I found your site and it is nice to see it.
- Pakistan

Ali Shahriar

3rd January, 2010

This seems to be the most advanced piece of software on the internet related to Qur’anic Arabic language I have ever come across. I have literally spent a countless number of hours browsing this site and only feel as though I have scratched the surface. All I will say is that if you’re learning the Arabic language, then this website has to be included in your top reference sources, especially if you’re concentrating, as I am, on understanding the Arabic language of the Qur’an, which substantially differs from modern colloquial Arabic.
- The Muslim Post

December 2009


29th December, 2009

Jazakillahu Khair.

Viquarunnisa Abdulaleem

28th December, 2009

Mashaallah, how easy to learn, may Allah reward the best to all those who work so hard to benfit the ummah, may Allah give us toufeeq to serve. Aameen.

Winfried Leclaire

27th December, 2009

Assalamu Alaikum,
First of all I have to say that I really like the Quranic Corpus as it already has been proven very useful for my own studies (I found the site just a few days ago). The graphical arrangement of the grammar sections is absolutely awesome. Also the amount of grammatical information is huge. I whish you all the best for your further studies. May Allah bless and reward you for every minute you spend studying and working on the Quranic Corpus project.
- Germany

Nazia Quraishi

21st December, 2009

My name is Nazia Quraishi and I recently came across your project and found it to be highly useful. Recently, I started studying the word for word translation of the Quran along with word analysis and tafsir.

Nancy Klein

19th December, 2009

Hello Kais,
I am a new convert of 15 months, and in the beginning of learning Arabic, God willing! In my continuous search on-line for resources, I discovered this site a couple of weeks ago and was truly amazed! I look forward to following this project as it continues to develop.
Peace, Best Regards.

Mahmoud Shaaban

19th December, 2009

Thank you so much for your great efforts. Yours sincerely.

Uzmaa Jamal

19th December, 2009

To whom it may concern,
First of all, I thank Allah ta'alah, he leads me towards his path. I just want to congratulate you with your all team, I really appreciate your work.
- Karachi, Pakistan

Abu Eesa

15th December, 2009

An incredible site with monumental benefit for all students and lovers of the Qur’an.


15th December, 2009

A came across this site, which is a good resource for searching by jizr (and by other means).


15th December, 2009

A very good site masha'Allaah. May Allaah reward those who are behind it in full, ameen.


15th December, 2009

Ameen... I just recieved a link to this website in my inbox... mashaa'Allah it's excellent! Jazzakillahu Khaire.


8th December, 2009

Brother, this is absolutely incredible! The possibilities are endless masha'Allah! I am definitely very excited to work with you guys.
- Quran.com

Paul Tupper

8th December, 2009

I am using the Quranic Arabic Corpus to help in studying Arabic phonotactics and I love it. Thanks for making such an informative, easy-to-use, and beautiful resource. Thanks again for your work.
- Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Shahad Miah

5th December, 2009

Dear Sir,
The Quranic Arabic Corpus is a wonderful piece of work and I can see a lot of research has gone into it. What I would like is a list of all the source words used in the Quran and their frequency. I am trying to identify the most frequently used words in the Quran. I would be very grateful if you can assist me in my request.
- Head of Information, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

Assem Chelli

2nd December, 2009

This is what I have been searching for. I am a student at the National High School of Computer Science, in Algiers. I am preparing my final project before graduation on a search engine for Quranic documents. For this, I need an index of words in the Quran, and for each word its lemma, root, affixes, type and grammar. This corpus will be half of the work. Thank you for encouraging me.
- L'Ecole nationale Supérieure d'Informatique, Algeria

Abdul Rahman Adnan

2nd December, 2009

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful project. I was told about this website a few days ago by a friend. I have been a (part-time and mostly self taught) student of Quranic Arabic for the last 25 or so years.
- Shah Alam, Malaysia

Mai Zaki

2nd December, 2009

Dear Kais,
I am very impressed by the work you are doing with the Quran morphological and syntactic analysis. I really want to contribute to this wonderful project. I am a lecturer in Arabic and translation studies.
- Middlesex University, London

November 2009


30th November, 2009

This is one of the best projects of the Quran for all those lovers of the word of Allah and may Allah reward and bless those who put all this together. It is amazing work and very useful. Please everyone visit this site and make use of it. All these types of Quranic projects, whether tafseer, translations into almost every language, transliteration, grammar and Quranic language, leave no possible reason not to learn the book of Allah. It seems like Allah is providing human beings with every possible means and access to reach his holy book, so that we can not argue and reason on the day of judgement that we did not have access to his book due to various barriers of language.
- Only Quran Blog

Qamaruddin Shaarani

30th November, 2009

Dear Kais Dukes,
I wish to convey my deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks for your great academic work on the Quran. I have just downloaded the 3 files and hope to complement what I am learning now from my teacher. As some of us are "English educated" Non-Arabic speaking people, we rely on some English works. Your timely PhD work is most welcome and of great benefit to me and I am sure to many English educated Non-Arabic speakers. Once, again, my sincerest appreciation and wishing you greater happiness in your work and career.
Best wishes and warm regards.
- Malaysia


26th November, 2009

Seems very interesting.
- The Shariah Program

Abu Hurairah

25th November, 2009

This is just amazing. What an epic scope of work.


25th November, 2009

Epic, mashallah. I bookmarked the site to access later. Thanks.

Umme Laila

25th November, 2009

I found your website very interesting.
- Sir Syed University Karachi, Pakistan

Wajdi Zaghouani

25th November, 2009

Salam Alaykom ya Kais,
I was aware of this project a long time ago and was following the improvements made to the website. I am really happy to have the opportunity to take part in this project by any means.
- University of Pennsylvania

Aida Mustapha

25th November, 2009

Dear Kais,
I have browsed the website and indeed it is a product of very resourceful and organized research. My research interest is primarily in conversational agent dialogue systems. I'm very pleased to collaborate with your research group in Quranic text.
- Universiti Putra, Malaysia

Aarne Ranta

24th November, 2009

Dear Kais,
Thanks for pointing out this website to me! It looks like a very useful resource.
- University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Bilal Abdul Khaliq

24th November, 2009

I had a look at the website and the work is quite impressive and novel. I would be most interested in some collaboration.
- University of Sussex

Rita Wan-Chik

20th November, 2009

The website is really great. A good way to learn Arabic besides getting Quran translation.
- University of Sheffield

Mahmoud El-Haj

19th November, 2009

Dear Kais,
I was trying your system today and it's indeed amazing. Congratulations, this is indeed a huge effort and a very helpful website. I worked on Quranic Arabic NLP for a while where I was mainly focusing on information retrieval and Quranic thesaurus search in addition to tajweed rule extraction.
- University of Essex

Sherin Gul

19th November, 2009

Assalamu Alaikum,
I found this wonderful site. You people have done remarkable job for the Muslim ummah. But I have one question. Do you have the same information in Urdu instead of English. If yes then please tell me. May Allah reward you in abundance for the marvellous work. Jazakallah.

Nour Sharabash

18th November, 2009

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatallah wa barakatu,
May Allah reward you for your wonderful work on this project. My name is Nour Sharabash. I own the domain name Quran.com. I would love to contribute to this open source project if I can. Again, great work.
- Quran.com

Hamed Al-Suhli

17th November, 2009

Dear Kais,
I have monitored your work with interest.
- E3rab.com, Syria

Hamid Zarrabi-Zadeh

16th November, 2009

First of all, I would like to thank Kais for his great effort and also for his decision on sharing his valuable database of Quranic grammar and morphology. I hope we can integrate this useful database in other Quranic projects like Tanzil soon inshallah.
- Tanzil Project

Henda Sfaxi

16th November, 2009

Dear Mr Dukes,
I am a future engineer in software engineering at the INSAT in Tunisia. I am dealing with my final project which focuses on the syntactic analysis of the Arabic language and more specifically on dependency relations of Arabic. I am in a French research center LLACAN - CNRS. I just wanted to thank you for your precious help. I wish you all the best with your project.

Soraya Zaidi

16th November, 2009

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science. I am currently preparing a PhD on the construction of ontologies in Arabic. I intend to use the Quranic Arabic Corpus in my work.
- Annaba University, Algeria

Abdulazeez Abdulraheem

16th November, 2009

Dear Kais,
I was indeed impressed with your work and a couple of weeks ago, we got your site listed in our useful links section.
- UnderstandQuran.com

Hind Salhi

15th November, 2009

This is magnificent... the website now has almost everything that one might need.
- SMBA University, Morocco

Bishaarah Mustafaa

15th November, 2009

Assalaamu Alaikum,
Thank you for your great work. Is there some way that I can get this word for word translation in hard book form? I would like one for myself and one for my grandson.
- Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Sameh Farouk

14th November, 2009

Dear Kais,
The work you have done is pioneering in its field.

Jody Bailey

14th November, 2009

A fabulous resource for linguists doing research on the Quran.
- University of Texas at Arlington

Salah Muhammad

13th November, 2009

As-salamu alaykum. My name is Salah. One of my friends introduced me to the website, and I have fallen in love with it. Thank you. Jazakullah Khairun.


13th November, 2009

Mashallah Kais, this is amazing.
I didn't realise how the website improved so well since the last time I looked at it. Inshallah this will benefit many people from our community and around the world. May Allah bless you for all your efforts. Ameen.
- United Kingdom

Rehan Ahmad

13th November, 2009

Assalamoalaikum. Mashallah, great work.

Adrian Gully

12th November, 2009

Your project looks absolutely fascinating. I shall enjoy checking it out in more detail. All good wishes.
- University of Melbourne

Waleed Oransa

12th November, 2009

Hello Kais,
This is great project.
- IBM Egypt

Idris Mokhtarzada

12th November, 2009

Thank you so much for this. This project is amazing, and I'm glad you're making an effort to keep this data open and free for anyone to use. I believe your efforts will lead to many many good works. I would like to use it in a project I am working on. Thank you.
- University of Maryland

Mahmoud Elsayess

12th November, 2009

Thank you for doing a great job. Peace.
- ReadVerse.com

Ahmed Abdelali

8th November, 2009

Dear Kais,
I would like to salute you for the tremendous effort for making this project become a reality. Congrats!!
- New Mexico State University

Orhan Elmaz

8th November, 2009

Dear Kais,
I am amazed! Could I be of any help to you? I'd love to contribute to this great work!
- University of Vienna

Ali Adams

8th November, 2009

Your work exceeds excellence :)


7th November, 2009

This is a very easy to use site, and the Arabic print is easy to read too.

Abdul Basit

5th November, 2009

Assalamu Alaikum,
It is a wonderful deed you have done for the Muslim Ummah. May Allah reward you in abundance for the marvellous work. Jazakallah.
- London, United Kingdom

Xalil 'Abdullahi

4th November, 2009

As-Salaamu Alay-kum!
Your website must be new; however, it is impressive and extremely well done. I have to say that my experience with your website is what I have been needing for the past several years. Today was the first time I have ever used it, and I really dig it, brother! Your website is so perfect for my type of Islamic studies.

Danang Wijanarko

4th November, 2009

Assalamu'alaikum Kais,
This is very nice, and the Quranic corpus project is very useful. Mashallah, may God bless your work.
- Indonesia

Amadeus Meaini

2nd November, 2009

I am overpowered by this gegantical work and so dumbfounded. I wish I can do with big pleasure such as a work in German. Inschallah.
- ArabTrans

October 2009

Mazhar Anwar Nurani

30th October, 2009

Assalamo Alaikum Kais,
I am a student from Pakistan trying to learn knowledge and the truth from the grand Quran. The work undertaken and accomplished by you is marvelous and very helpful for many in the world over. May Allah reward you all, here and in the hereafter. Thanks.


29th October, 2009

Quite amazing and very useful for Arabic students.


29th October, 2009

This is awesome.


28th October, 2009

Ahlan Kais,
What a wonderful project you have got! I have visited the website, and I like it so much. Great work!
- Transparent Language Software

Mohsen Saboorian

28th October, 2009

Dear Kais,
Salaam, I just checked your website and noticed how mature your project has become! I also checked your PhD presentation, and I just wanted to say: wow! What fantastic work! The syntactic treebank is an original idea, which I didn't see in any previous project (from the Haifa project, to commercial and even not-yet-published projects). I really would like to utilize your work in future versions of Zekr.
- Tehran University, Iran
- Zekr Quran Browser


28th October, 2009

Good stuff.


27th October, 2009

Just saw this posted on SF. Very nice!

Farooq Ahmed

27th October, 2009

I am from Pakistan and I'm a teacher of simple and basic Quranic Arabic. Your project will help me to gain knowledge and present to the students. Thanks for your efforts.

Tim Buckwalter

26th October, 2009

Beautiful work! jazaak allah kheir!
- University of Maryland

Farooq Khan

24th October, 2009

Salam Kais,
Thanks indeed for this great work. Now when folks are reading Quran, they can click on a word and get complete information from your web site, thanks to your great work.


23rd October, 2009

Awesome stuff Mashallah! I get a feeling this site will be used for our Wednesday tarkeeb sessions...


23rd October, 2009

Fantastic website mashallah! *thumbs up*

Muhammad Ishaque Panhwar

23rd October, 2009

Assalam O Allaikum,
I am writing from Karachi Pakistan. I have come across your web site and found it a very good source for understanding Quran.

Muhammad Eissa

23rd October, 2009

I am so impressed with your research project. Best of luck and continued success.
- Chicago University


22nd October, 2009

Very nice site, I just stumbled upon it today...


22nd October, 2009

This is really an amazing site. I especially like the syntactic treebank section.


22nd October, 2009

Wow this is so awesome and helpful, masha'Allah.


22nd October, 2009

Nice work mashallah!

Marwan Boustany

21st October, 2009

Excellent work with the website. Would it be possible for this project to be made into a downloadable program format that can be run from a computer? I would love to have this as a tool on my PC to aid in my study of Arabic and the Qur'an.

Sherif Khattab

18th October, 2009

Hi Kais,
I am teaching an introduction to Arabic NLP course to Arabic native-speakers in Cairo university, Egypt. The students have strong linguistic skills but have never been exposed to NLP before. I would like to illustrate to them how they can help in NLP using real, useful examples. I found the Quranic corpus and thought it may be a good idea to introduce the students to the idea of corpus and annotation and actually use their Arabic-grammar skills in the annotation. Thanks a lot.
- Cairo University

Hamdy Soliman

18th October, 2009

I would like to thank you very much for your great effort, information, annotation, interface... everything. Really, it’s very useful!
- Sakhr Software

Hanady Ahmed

18th October, 2009

I would like to congratulate you. It is really perfect work, well done. I am Hanady Ahmed, an assistant professor. I am interested in Arabic natural language processing and text-to-speech systems.
- Qatar University


18th October, 2009

Wa alaikum assalam brother Kais. Jazakallahu khaira for all your excellent work, looks like a lot of value you have added for the muslim ummah.
- Verse by Verse Quran

Hind Salhi

16th October, 2009

Overall the Arabic grammar translation on the website is awesome.
- SMBA University, Morocco

Noorhan Abbas

15th October, 2009

Hi Kais. Congratulations for your fantastic work! Great effort... May Allah reward you for all your efforts...

Nizar Habash

14th October, 2009

Very neat!
- Columbia University


5th October, 2010

Wow. This whole website is a teaching tool for studying Qur'an from the basics - understanding what each Arabic word means and how they connect to make beautiful sentences. The syntax branching system makes the Arabic much easier to appreciate, understand and memorise. For non Arabic speakers like I, whatever your level - this is seriously awesome. The word by word Qur'an breaks down the definitions and types of words (adjectives, synonyms etc). A Syntactic Treebank branches out in a mind-node fashion to illustrate a colour-coded analysis of the words from the Qur'an. This site is a complete package. It includes a full English translation alongside audio Qur'an recitation by Qari Saad Al-Ghamadi, a dictionary and the above stuff for truly visual learning. I'm in love. I give it 10 out of 10.

Faruq Fayaz

4th October, 2009

I like the project very much.

Ilhan Yalman

2nd October, 2009

Dear Mr Dukes,
A few days ago a friend of mine showed me your website and I'm fascinated. I've searched for such a website for years and now I've found it.

September 2009


30th September, 2009

This is the most unique Quran corpus I have come across on the internet.

Otakar Smrz

23rd September, 2009

Thank you for a perfect work, and also for the newest references to literature.
- Charles University, Prague

Abrar Hossain Quadery

22nd September, 2009

I named my son Zuhair Ishraque. One day someone commented that 'Ishraque' is a name for a girl. While reciting the Quran I found the word in verse (38:18). Now I find here that the word is masculine. I gave some effort earlier to recite Quran with meaning. Here I find a wonderful website for that. Heartiest gratitude to all behind this grand work. May Allah accept our efforts.

Mourad Diouri

19th September, 2009

Dear Kais,
I just had a quick browse through your site and I have to say it's an amazing achievement both for Arabic and Islam. May Allah reward you for your efforts and I sincerely hope that many people will benefit from it. I will make sure to archive and publicize it in my site. All the best, Salam.
- University of Edinburgh


17th September, 2009

Many congratulations on corpus.quran.com. I have been waiting a long time for someone to do this. I developed openburhan.com some years ago and at that time just getting the Arabic of the Quran in text format was a miracle.
- OpenBurhan.com

Motaz Saad

2nd September, 2009

This is really interesting and very impressive work. I am working on text mining (Arabic and English) for my master's thesis. Now I am trying to experiment with the effect of text preprocessing on text mining. Also I am working on improving document representation using an ontology for Arabic and English.
- Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine

August 2009


28th August, 2009

thank you for the site =-)

Abu Maryam

21st August, 2009

Salam Kais,
I do not know how many people understand the gravity of your work but it is monumental... Great work. I cannot wait to download it and apply it to our project.
- BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Matin Abdullah

20th August, 2009

Great site. I have been looking for something like this. May Allah reward you for this work.

Abu Fatima

20th August, 2009

Mashallah great site. May Allah reward you for this.

Umm Hafsah

7th August, 2009

Awesome site.


2nd August, 2009

This is wonderful - will use it daily Inshallah - Jazak Allaho Khairan


2nd August, 2009

Wow. This is a pretty powerful tool. Thanks!

- Farrah -

1st August, 2009

Salam brother,
I have taken a preliminary look and it seems like a really useful, user-friendly tool.


1st August, 2009

very good


1st August, 2009

real nice site, jzk...

July 2009


27th July, 2009

Jazakallah khair! Excellent!


27th July, 2009

Mashallah. This looks really interesting.


23rd July, 2009

Firstly, I must say my sincere congratulations on this effort. It impressed me! This is something that I and many students of The Quran will benefit from. The accuracy of the grammar info seems good so far.
- StudyQuran.org


23rd July, 2009

Masha'Allah this is a great website. Must have taken so much work. May Allah reward you.


23rd July, 2009

What a wonferful site. I've been looking for something just like the 'word by word' section for ages now and had no luck in finding it until I found it on your site. I can't thank you enough. May Allah ta'ala reward you.


22nd July, 2009

Tabarak'Allaah! This website is amazing, good job! May Allaah bless you!

Shuly Wintner

21st July, 2009

I was pleased to see the Quran corpus online, with the nice user interface and query system. I wish you best of luck with this important project.
- University of Haifa

.: Anna :.

21st July, 2009

masha Allah!!
looks really good and useful, insha Allah it'll benefit lots of people
very impressive


21st July, 2009

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah
Wow, masha Allah. You did all this manually?

May 2009

Abdul-Baquee M. Sharaf

6th May, 2009

Hello Kais,
I was very delighted to see the Quranic morphology. Good job, and keep moving forward!
- University of Leeds

March 2009

Dilworth Parkinson

6th March, 2009

I'm not aware of a POS tagged Quran, but I'm sure a lot of people would be very interested in having one.
- Brigham Young University

Language Research Group
University of Leeds