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Morphological Search


You can search for words in the Quran by part-of-speech or by using morphological features. Select from the options below then press "search" to find words. See below for a list of examples.

Part-of-speech show tags
Form show forms
Root *
Lemma *
Stem *

* may be specified in Arabic or using Buckwalter transliteration.


  1. To list all proper nouns, select this as the part-of-speech and then press the search button.
  2. To find all form X verbs, select verb for part-of-speech and then form X above.
  3. You can search by root in Arabic (زوج) or by using Buckwalter transliteration (zwj).
  4. To list all occurances of the word Allah (الله) enter {ll~ah as the lemma then hit search. Searching by lemma requires knowing the correct vowelization (see the lemma list).
  5. You can also search by stem, which ignores diacritics. Try searching for the stem ktAb.

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