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Lemmas by Frequency


The list of lemmas shown below is split by part-of-speech and sorted by frequency. A lemma groups word-forms that differ only by inflectional (as opposed to derivational) morphology, and do not vary in meaning. Each lemma is shown in Arabic and using Buckwalter transliteration. Verbs are shown in a seperate verb concordance.

Lemmas 1 to 50 of 3680:

Lemma Buckwalter Frequency Part-of-speech
مِن min 3226 Preposition
ٱللَّه {ll~ah 2699 Proper noun
فِى fiY 1701 Preposition
إِنّ <in~ 1682 Accusative particle
عَلَىٰ EalaY` 1445 Preposition
ٱلَّذِى {l~a*iY 1442 Relative pronoun
لَا laA 1364 Negative particle
مَا maA 1266 Relative pronoun
رَبّ rab~ 975 Noun
إِلَىٰ <ilaY` 742 Preposition
مَا maA 704 Negative particle
مَن man 606 Relative pronoun
إِن <in 578 Conditional particle
أَن >an 578 Subordinating conjunction
إِلَّا <il~aA 558 Restriction particle
ذَٰلِك *a`lik 520 Demonstrative pronoun
عَن Ean 465 Preposition
أَرْض >aroD 461 Noun
قَد qad 406 Particle of certainty
إِذَا <i*aA 405 Time adverb
قَوْم qawom 383 Noun
ءَايَة 'aAyap 382 Noun
أَنّ >an~ 362 Accusative particle
كُلّ kul~ 358 Noun
لَم lam 353 Negative particle
ثُمّ vum~ 338 Coordinating conjunction
رَسُول rasuwl 332 Noun
لَا laA 327 Prohibition particle
يَوْم yawom 325 Noun
عَذَاب Ea*aAb 322 Noun
هَٰذَا ha`*aA 317 Demonstrative pronoun
سَمَآء samaA^' 310 Noun
نَفْس nafos 295 Noun
شَىْء $aYo' 283 Noun
أَو >aw 280 Coordinating conjunction
كِتَٰب kita`b 260 Noun
بَيْن bayon 243 Location adverb
حَقّ Haq~ 242 Noun
نَّاس n~aAs 241 Noun
إِذ <i* 239 Time adverb
أُولَٰٓئِك >uwla`^}ik 204 Demonstrative pronoun
قَبْل qabol 197 Noun
مُؤْمِن mu&omin 195 Noun
لَو law 184 Conditional particle
مَن man 184 Conditional particle
سَبِيل sabiyl 176 Noun
أَمْر >amor 166 Noun
عِند Eind 160 Location adverb
مَع maE 159 Location adverb
بَعْض baEoD 157 Noun

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