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Verse (12:8), Word 15 - Quranic Grammar


The fifteenth word of verse (12:8) is an indefinite form IV masculine active participle and is in the genitive case (مجرور). The active participle's triliteral root is bā yā nūn (ب ي ن).

Chapter (12) sūrat yūsuf (Joseph)

ADJ – genitive masculine indefinite (form IV) active participle صفة مجرورة

Verse (12:8)

The analysis above refers to the eighth verse of chapter 12 (sūrat yūsuf):

Sahih International: When they said, "Joseph and his brother are more beloved to our father than we, while we are a clan. Indeed, our father is in clear error.

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3 messages

Maqbool Ahmad

6th August, 2014

The اعراب of (12:8:15) in Corpus is shown kasara (نِ) but in Quran it is Kasara Tunween (نٍ). Which one is correct?

Abdul Rahman

30th August, 2014

I do not understand the point of your question here. I'm sorry. Can you clarify? Where is it shown as only kasra without tanwin?

Maqbool Ahmad

3rd September, 2014

Explanation of the previous question.

Corpus writing for (12:8:15) is مُّبِيْنِ but I checked two Qurans and it is مُّبِيْنٍ?

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