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Verse (31:22), Word 11 - Quranic Grammar


The eleventh word of verse (31:22) is a feminine singular adjective and is in the accusative case (منصوب). The adjective's triliteral root is wāw thā qāf (و ث ق).

Chapter (31) sūrat luq'mān

the most trustworthy.
ADJ – accusative feminine singular adjective صفة منصوبة

Verse (31:22)

The analysis above refers to the 22nd verse of chapter 31 (sūrat luq'mān):

Sahih International: And whoever submits his face to Allah while he is a doer of good - then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold. And to Allah will be the outcome of [all] matters.

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2 messages

Maqbool Ahmad

2nd April, 2014

I think (31:22:11) should be صفة مجرورة instead of صفة منصوبة

Abdul Rahman

3rd April, 2014

ADJ – genitive feminine singular adjective, the sign of the genitive being an implicit "kasrah" on the "alif" due to the indeclinability of the word (وعلامة جرها الكسرة المقدرة على الألف للتعذر)

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