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Verse (12:20) - English Translation


Welcome to the Quranic Arabic Corpus, an annotated linguistic resource for the Holy Quran. This page shows seven parallel translations in English for the twentieth verse of chapter 12 (sūrat yūsuf). Click on the Arabic text to below to see word by word details of the verse's morphology.


Chapter (12) sūrat yūsuf (Joseph)

Sahih International: And they sold him for a reduced price - a few dirhams - and they were, concerning him, of those content with little.

Pickthall: And they sold him for a low price, a number of silver coins; and they attached no value to him.

Yusuf Ali: The (Brethren) sold him for a miserable price, for a few dirhams counted out: in such low estimation did they hold him!

Shakir: And they sold him for a small price, a few pieces of silver, and they showed no desire for him.

Muhammad Sarwar: In selling him they asked for a very small price and even then no one wanted to buy him.

Mohsin Khan: And they sold him for a low price, - for a few Dirhams (i.e. for a few silver coins). And they were of those who regarded him insignificant.

Arberry: Then they sold him for a paltry price, a handful of counted dirhams; for they set small store by him.

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