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Garden of Eden (جنات عدن)


From the Quranic Arabic Corpus - Ontology of Quranic Concepts

Garden of Eden (جنات عدن) is the name of a place of everlasting bliss in afterlife. This concept is part of the following classification in the ontology:

Concept (root)
Afterlife Location
Garden of Eden (جنات عدن)
Quranic Concept
Garden of Eden
جنات عدن
TranslationThe Garden of Eden
Transliterationjannātu ʿadnin
CategoryAfterlife Location
Alternative nameParadise

Garden of Eden is referred to in verse (9:72) of chapter (9) sūrat l-tawbah (The Repentance):

Sahih International: Allah has promised the believing men and believing women gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally, and pleasant dwellings in gardens of perpetual residence; but approval from Allah is greater. It is that which is the great attainment.

Visual Concept Map

The map below shows the part of the visual ontology for this concept. You can click on other concepts in the map for related information:

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Concept map for Garden of Eden. Related concepts are highlighted in blue.

Knowledge Base

// Predicate logic relations for the ontology concept garden-of-eden:

(name-of garden-of-eden paradise)
(instance garden-of-eden afterlife-location)

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