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Verse (19:38), Word 1 - Quranic Grammar


The first word of verse (19:38) is a form IV imperative verb (فعل أمر). The verb is second person masculine singular. The verb's triliteral root is sīn mīm ʿayn (س م ع).

Chapter (19) sūrat maryam (Mary)

How they will hear!
V – 2nd person masculine singular (form IV) imperative verb فعل أمر

Verse (19:38)

The analysis above refers to the 38th verse of chapter 19 (sūrat maryam):

Sahih International: How [clearly] they will hear and see the Day they come to Us, but the wrongdoers today are in clear error.

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Abdul Rahman

25th December, 2009

Assalamu alaykum Kais. Please refer to "al-i3raab al-mufaSSal..." for the i3raab of this and the next two words. As we can see from the English translations, this (and 19:38:3) is not a simple case of a 2nd person masculine singular imperative verb, but an example of Sigha ta3ajjub, expression of wonder.


12th June, 2013

19:38:1 is used in making verb of wonder. The verbs of wonder are made by writing مَا أَفْعَلَ followed by the accusative of the object that causes the surprise and أَفْعِلْ followed by بِ followed by the genitive.

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