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Verse (38:29), Word 8 - Quranic Grammar


The eighth word of verse (38:29) is a masculine plural noun and is in the nominative case (مرفوع). The noun's triliteral root is hamza wāw lām (أ و ل).

Chapter (38) sūrat ṣād

those of understanding.
N – nominative masculine plural noun اسم مرفوع

Verse (38:29)

The analysis above refers to the 29th verse of chapter 38 (sūrat ṣād):

Sahih International: [This is] a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded.

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3rd August, 2013

Salam. Please, read Lane's lexicon p 120-121. The root would be أ ل و for the meaning of ذو (possessor). Linguisticly, it is linked the the meaning of the article ال.


9th September, 2013


I do not read Lane but checked Lisan Al-Arab:


The root of this word is 'u-lu أُلٌ i.e. Hamza+Dhamma Lam+Dhamma and this is single in state of Raf'.

This word is always annexed (Mudhaf) to something else and never appears alone.

Plural is 'u-l-u Hamza+Dhamma Waw Lam+Dhamma Waw + Alif-Sakin


It can appear in state of Nasb and thus Waw turned into Ya in Jarr i.e. Yi:


It has exactly the same meaning as Zu which is an incomplete noun indicating companionship or ownership of something (which followers after Zu). Included the Lisan Al-Arab for Zu as well.

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