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Verse (29:50), Word 13 - Quranic Grammar


The thirteenth word of verse (29:50) is divided into 3 morphological segments. A conjunction, accusative particle and preventive particle. The prefixed conjunction wa is usually translated as "and". The accusative particle belongs to a special group of words known as inna and her sisters (ان واخواتها). The preventive particle stops inna from taking its normal role in the sentence. Together the segments are known as kāfa wa makfūfa (كافة ومكفوفة).

Chapter (29) sūrat l-ʿankabūt (The Spider)

and only
CONJ – prefixed conjunction wa (and)
ACC – accusative particle
PREV – preventive particle
الواو عاطفة
كافة ومكفوفة

Verse (29:50)

The analysis above refers to the 50th verse of chapter 29 (sūrat l-ʿankabūt):

Sahih International: But they say, "Why are not signs sent down to him from his Lord?" Say, "The signs are only with Allah , and I am only a clear warner."

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