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Packages that use ArabicText
org.jqurantree.arabic Models ArabicText as a sequence of characters with diacritics, with an internal ByteFormat used to represent character data. 
org.jqurantree.orthography Contains an orthography object model of the Holy Quran, with orthographic elements represented by the classes Document, Chapter, Verse and Token

Uses of ArabicText in org.jqurantree.arabic

Methods in org.jqurantree.arabic that return ArabicText
static ArabicText ArabicText.fromBuckwalter(java.lang.String text)
          Converts Buckwalter transliteration into Arabic text.
static ArabicText ArabicText.fromEncoding(java.lang.String text, EncodingType encodingType)
          Decodes a string into Arabic text, according to the specified encoding scheme.
static ArabicText ArabicText.fromUnicode(java.lang.String text)
          Converts Unicode character data into Arabic text.
 ArabicText ArabicText.getSubstring(int start, int end)
          Gets a new ArabicText instance that is a substring of this instance.
 ArabicText ArabicText.removeDiacritics()
          Gets a new ArabicText instance that is a copy of this instance excluding any attached diacritics.
 ArabicText ArabicText.removeNonLetters()
          Gets a new ArabicText instance that is a copy of this instance excluding any Quranic symbols.
 ArabicText ArabicTextBuilder.toText()
          Creates a new ArabicText instance from the characters in the buffer.

Uses of ArabicText in org.jqurantree.orthography

Subclasses of ArabicText in org.jqurantree.orthography
 class Token
          An orthographic token is whitespace-delimited ArabicText within a verse.
 class Verse
          The verse class represents one of the numbered verses in a chapter.

Methods in org.jqurantree.orthography that return ArabicText
 ArabicText Chapter.getBismillah()
          Gets the bismillah phrase preceding the chapter's verses.
 ArabicText Chapter.getName()
          Gets the name of the chapter as ArabicText.

Constructors in org.jqurantree.orthography with parameters of type ArabicText
Chapter(int chapterNumber, ArabicText name, ArabicText bismillah, Verse[] verses)
          Creates a new chapter, used by JQuranTree when constructing the orthography model.

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