Class UnicodeEncoder

  extended by org.jqurantree.arabic.encoding.ArabicEncoderBase
      extended by org.jqurantree.arabic.encoding.unicode.UnicodeEncoder
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public class UnicodeEncoder
extends ArabicEncoderBase

Supports encoding ArabicText into Unicode character data. This class is used by the ArabicText.toUnicode() method.

Unicode is supported to allow the Tanzil XML representation of the Quran to be loaded into the orthography model. Since the Unicode encoder need only support the Uthmani Script, it is sufficient to handle only the characters found within the XML document. Unicode encoding is performed using table lookup. A single ArabicCharacter may be encoded as several Unicode characters, one for the Arabic letter or Quranic symbol, and the others for any attached diacritics.

Kais Dukes

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Constructor Summary
          Creates a new Unicode encoder.
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Constructor Detail


public UnicodeEncoder()
Creates a new Unicode encoder.

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