Class BuckwalterEncoder

  extended by org.jqurantree.arabic.encoding.ArabicEncoderBase
      extended by org.jqurantree.arabic.encoding.buckwalter.BuckwalterEncoder
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public class BuckwalterEncoder
extends ArabicEncoderBase

Supports encoding ArabicText into Buckwalter transliteration. This class is used by the ArabicText.toBuckwalter() method.

Buckwalter transliteration uses ASCII characters to represent Arabic orthography. As there is a one-to-one correspondence with Unicode, the encoding scheme is reversible. JQuranTree uses a superset of Buckwalter transliteration. There are 4 non-arabic characters in the original encoding scheme with are not found in the Quranic text: P (Peh), J (Tcheh), V (Veh) and G (Gaf). The combination character Alif + Maddah (|) is also not used in Tanzil XML. These characters are not implemented by this encoder. Likewise, 14 Quranic symbols do not feature in the original scheme. The encoder assigns these to ASCII punctuation marks.

Kais Dukes

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Constructor Summary
          Creates a new Buckwalter encoder.
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Constructor Detail


public BuckwalterEncoder()
Creates a new Buckwalter encoder.

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