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Verse (2:184), Word 32 - Quranic Grammar


The 32nd word of verse (2:184) is divided into 2 morphological segments. A verb and subject pronoun. The imperfect verb (فعل مضارع) is second person masculine plural and is in the indicative mood (مرفوع). The verb's triliteral root is ʿayn lām mīm (ع ل م). The suffix (الواو) is an attached subject pronoun.

Chapter (2) sūrat l-baqarah (The Cow)

V – 2nd person masculine plural imperfect verb
PRON – subject pronoun
فعل مضارع والواو ضمير متصل في محل رفع فاعل

Verse (2:184)

The analysis above refers to the 184th verse of chapter 2 (sūrat l-baqarah):

Sahih International: [Fasting for] a limited number of days. So whoever among you is ill or on a journey [during them] - then an equal number of days [are to be made up]. And upon those who are able [to fast, but with hardship] - a ransom [as substitute] of feeding a poor person [each day]. And whoever volunteers excess - it is better for him. But to fast is best for you, if you only knew.

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Salwa Abd-Allah

15th August, 2011

As Salaam Alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak to you all. I have not really used the message board before, but I have definitely used the wonderful site. I noticed a change that you may well have already discussed. Formerly the Quran Dictionary would take you to the usages of the exact form being researched (like Mu'ajim Mufaris) but that has changed and I'm just wondering why? I apologize for being "out of touch" and will understand your shuraa efforts. I still use mu'ajim mufaris, I just found your site invaluable in researching individual word forms as opposed to the entire root (especially since I'm looking for t'alamuun and 'alam has so many entries).

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