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Verse (18:49), Word 10 - Quranic Grammar


The tenth word of verse (18:49) is an interrogative noun.

Chapter (18) sūrat l-kahf (The Cave)

What (is) for
INTG – interrogative noun اسم استفهام

Verse (18:49)

The analysis above refers to the 49th verse of chapter 18 (sūrat l-kahf):

Sahih International: And the record [of deeds] will be placed [open], and you will see the criminals fearful of that within it, and they will say, "Oh, woe to us! What is this book that leaves nothing small or great except that it has enumerated it?" And they will find what they did present [before them]. And your Lord does injustice to no one.

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Abdul Rahman

28th April, 2016

The tenth word of verse (18:49) is divided into 2 morphological segments. An interrogative noun (ma) and a preposition (lam -- harf jaar) which is orthographically separated from the noun it governs (18:49:11).

INTG – interrogative noun

P – preposition

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