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Verse (88:11), Word 2 - Quranic Grammar


The second word of verse (88:11) is an imperfect verb (فعل مضارع). The verb is second person masculine singular and is in the indicative mood (مرفوع). The verb's triliteral root is sīn mīm ʿayn (س م ع).

Chapter (88) sūrat l-ghāshiyah (The Overwhelming)

they will hear
V – 2nd person masculine singular imperfect verb فعل مضارع

Verse (88:11)

The analysis above refers to the eleventh verse of chapter 88 (sūrat l-ghāshiyah):

Sahih International: Wherein they will hear no unsuitable speech.

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3 messages

Maqbool Ahmad

24th October, 2015

(88:11:2) Should the meaning of تَسْمَعُ be "You will hear" instead of "they will hear"

Abdul Rahman

25th October, 2015

The verb is V – 3rd person feminine singular imperfect verb.

referring to the broken plural وجوه in 88:8:1, so it rightly translated as "they" -- "the faces".

Abdul Rahman

25th October, 2015

"You will hear" does also make sense in the context, where this "you" is the impersonal pronoun like "one". So, here we should be consistent. If you label the verb as V - 2nd person singular masculine, then the translation should be "you". But if the translation is "they", then the verb should be labelled "3rd person singular feminine".

If you refer to our reference text (Bahjat) these two alternatives are given.

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