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Verse (7:75), Word 2 - Quranic Grammar


The second word of verse (7:75) is a masculine noun and is in the nominative case (مرفوع). The noun's triliteral root is mīm lām hamza (م ل أ).

Chapter (7) sūrat l-aʿrāf (The Heights)

the chiefs
N – nominative masculine noun اسم مرفوع

Verse (7:75)

The analysis above refers to the 75th verse of chapter 7 (sūrat l-aʿrāf):

Sahih International: Said the eminent ones who were arrogant among his people to those who were oppressed - to those who believed among them, "Do you [actually] know that salih is sent from his Lord?" They said, "Indeed we, in that with which he was sent, are believers."

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10th May, 2011

Can we add the word 'subject' to the tagging here?

N- nominative masculine subject noun

The word here is a collective noun (has no singular as such and some collective nouns can have plurals) and so do we label it as plural or singular or leave it out altogether?

wallahu a'alam


10th May, 2011


Thank you kindly for your suggestion. "Subject" is a syntactic role, one of the reasons for a word being in the nominative case. This information is not yet being included on this page - inshallah we will include the reasons and roles for a word being in different cases at a future stage - for now this word is already marked as a subject in the treebank. Please see this link: http://corpus.quran.com/treebank.jsp?chapter=7&verse=75.

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