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Verse (7:41), Word 7 - Quranic Grammar


The seventh word of verse (7:41) is an indefinite feminine plural active participle and is in the nominative case (مرفوع). The active participle's triliteral root is ghayn shīn wāw (غ ش و).

Chapter (7) sūrat l-aʿrāf (The Heights)

N – nominative feminine plural indefinite active participle اسم مرفوع

Verse (7:41)

The analysis above refers to the 41st verse of chapter 7 (sūrat l-aʿrāf):

Sahih International: They will have from Hell a bed and over them coverings [of fire]. And thus do We recompense the wrongdoers.

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2 messages

Maqbool Ahmad

19th December, 2014

Should the Mada of (7:41:7) not be غ و ش instead of غ ش و?

Abdul Rahman

24th December, 2014

This word (7:41:7) is the plural of غاشية which is the measure of فاعلة. (Plural measure فواعل) Another example is the word داعية from the root ( د ع و). The plural is دواع. Other words with a similar measure:

فاكهة singular فواكه plural ; صاعقة singular صواعق plural.

(ف ك ه) and (ص ع ق).

So the letters alif and waw are not part of the root.

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