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Verse (7:164), Word 4 - Quranic Grammar


The fourth word of verse (7:164) is divided into 2 morphological segments. A preposition and object pronoun. The attached object pronoun is third person masculine plural. Together the segments form a preposition phrase known as jār wa majrūr (جار ومجرور).

Chapter (7) sūrat l-aʿrāf (The Heights)

among them,
P – preposition
PRON – 3rd person masculine plural object pronoun
جار ومجرور

Verse (7:164)

The analysis above refers to the 164th verse of chapter 7 (sūrat l-aʿrāf):

Sahih International: And when a community among them said, "Why do you advise [or warn] a people whom Allah is [about] to destroy or to punish with a severe punishment?" they [the advisors] said, "To be absolved before your Lord and perhaps they may fear Him."

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19th July, 2011

I was thinking that this is a subject pronoun and not an object pronoun? 'A community among THEM said....' so the THEM is part of COMMUNITY if I understood that correctly

PRON- 3rd person masculine plural subject pronoun

wallahu a'alam

Abdul Rahman

19th July, 2011

I'm afraid you have not understood it correctly. It is an object pronoun. If it is a subject pronoun, as you claim, try substituting in its place the 2nd person masculine plural. You would have "min kum" not "min antum". I sincerely hope that our postings here would contribute to clarify the rules of Arabic grammar for learners rather than create more confusion in their minds.


20th July, 2011

Thank you for taking the time to look over the suggestions confusing the readers was never the intention.

Mazhar A. Nurani

20th July, 2011

Subject of feminine verb is أمة and what corpus has correctly indicated is that هم is the object pronoun of preposition من. Object of the verb is that following statement which "she/group/community" said.

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