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Verse (77:20), Word 5 - Quranic Grammar


The fifth word of verse (77:20) is an indefinite masculine singular adjective and is in the genitive case (مجرور). The adjective's triliteral root is mīm hā nūn (م ه ن).

Chapter (77) sūrat l-mur'salāt (Those sent forth)

ADJ – genitive masculine singular indefinite adjective صفة مجرورة

Verse (77:20)

The analysis above refers to the twentieth verse of chapter 77 (sūrat l-mur'salāt):

Sahih International: Did We not create you from a liquid disdained?

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Mazhar A. Nurani

6th June, 2010

Passive Participle. [desiccated/artfully treated water]

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