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Verse (75:11), Word 2 - Quranic Grammar


The second word of verse (75:11) is a negative particle that acts like the particle anna (أن). This particle belongs to a special group of words known as inna and her sisters (ان واخواتها).

Chapter (75) sūrat l-qiyāmah (The Resurrection)


(There is) no
NEG – negative particle نافية تعمل عمل «أن»

Verse (75:11)

The analysis above refers to the eleventh verse of chapter 75 (sūrat l-qiyāmah):

Sahih International: No! There is no refuge.

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Mazhar A. Nurani

3rd June, 2010

Add "absolutely" to "no" to clarify why it is acting like this. And in Arabic part "Lil Jins" may be added.

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