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Verse (4:143), Word 1 - Quranic Grammar


The first word of verse (4:143) is a form II masculine plural passive participle and is in the accusative case (منصوب). The passive participle's quadriliteral root is dhāl bā dhāl bā (ذ ب ذ ب).

Chapter (4) sūrat l-nisāa (The Women)

N – accusative masculine plural (form II) passive participle اسم منصوب

Verse (4:143)

The analysis above refers to the 143rd verse of chapter 4 (sūrat l-nisāa):

Sahih International: Wavering between them, [belonging] neither to the believers nor to the disbelievers. And whoever Allah leaves astray - never will you find for him a way.

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Asim Iqbal 2nd

30th May, 2011


This should be Q.I i.e. 1st form of the Quad

Wright's Arabic Grammar Vol 1 : Page 300, shows weight of passive participle of Q.I

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