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Verse (38:59), Word 10 - Quranic Grammar


The tenth word of verse (38:59) is a feminine noun and is in the genitive case (مجرور). The noun's triliteral root is nūn wāw rā (ن و ر).

Chapter (38) sūrat ṣād

(in) the Fire.
N – genitive feminine noun اسم مجرور

Verse (38:59)

The analysis above refers to the 59th verse of chapter 38 (sūrat ṣād):

Sahih International: [Its inhabitants will say], "This is a company bursting in with you. No welcome for them. Indeed, they will burn in the Fire."

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2 messages

Maqbool Ahmad

17th June, 2017

Is مجرورالنَّارِ because it is مضاف اليه of صَالُو ?

Abdul Rahman

2nd July, 2017

Yes, النار is majroor because it is مضاف اليه. The noun in 38:59:9 is صالون but the ending nun is dropped when it is مضاف.

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