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Verse (34:16), Word 8 - Quranic Grammar


The eighth word of verse (34:16) is a feminine dual noun and is in the nominative case (مرفوع). The noun's triliteral root is jīm nūn nūn (ج ن ن).

Chapter (34) sūrat saba (Sheba)

(with) two gardens
N – nominative feminine dual noun اسم مرفوع

Verse (34:16)

The analysis above refers to the sixteenth verse of chapter 34 (sūrat saba):

Sahih International: But they turned away [refusing], so We sent upon them the flood of the dam, and We replaced their two [fields of] gardens with gardens of bitter fruit, tamarisks and something of sparse lote trees.

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Mazhar A. Nurani

14th October, 2014

Accusative; it is object of verb

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