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Verse (22:67), Word 7 - Quranic Grammar


The seventh word of verse (22:67) is divided into 2 morphological segments. A resumption particle and negative particle. The connective particle fa is usually translated as "then" or "so" and is used to indicate a sequence of events.

Chapter (22) sūrat l-ḥaj (The Pilgrimage)

So let them not dispute with you
REM – prefixed resumption particle
NEG – negative particle
الفاء استئنافية
حرف نفي

Verse (22:67)

The analysis above refers to the 67th verse of chapter 22 (sūrat l-ḥaj):

Sahih International: For every religion We have appointed rites which they perform. So, [O Muhammad], let the disbelievers not contend with you over the matter but invite them to your Lord. Indeed, you are upon straight guidance.

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20th October, 2013



So let them not dispute with you .. Is incorrect. It must read as a double negative e.g. I.e. "So let (them) not" ... It seems that the capturing of 22:67:7 has been duplicated with 22:67:8 .. There are quite a few errors like these ... How/who will correct this .. I will be glad to assist +27-83-263-7862 [email protected]

Abdul Rahman

27th October, 2013

The particle "la" here is PRO -- prohibition particle. La nahiah jazimah.

Abdul Rahman

28th October, 2013

The translation should be simply: So don't

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