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Verse (17:101), Word 3 - Quranic Grammar


The third word of verse (17:101) is a masculine proper noun and is in the nominative case (مرفوع).

Chapter (17) sūrat l-isrā (The Night Journey)

PN – nominative masculine proper noun → Musa اسم علم مرفوع

Verse (17:101)

The analysis above refers to the 101st verse of chapter 17 (sūrat l-isrā):

Sahih International: And We had certainly given Moses nine evident signs, so ask the Children of Israel [about] when he came to them and Pharaoh said to him, "Indeed I think, O Moses, that you are affected by magic."

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2 messages

Csilla Kász

4th September, 2015

isn't this noun accusative? It is the recipient of the message. Only the subject of the clause can be here in the nominative case. The subject of the clause is We.

Abdul Rahman

8th September, 2015

You are right.

PN – accusative masculine proper noun → Musa

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