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Verse (16:92), Word 18 - Quranic Grammar


The eighteenth word of verse (16:92) is a form IV perfect verb (فعل ماض). The verb is third person masculine singular. The verb's triliteral root is rā bā wāw (ر ب و).

Chapter (16) sūrat l-naḥl (The Bees)

more numerous
V – 3rd person masculine singular (form IV) perfect verb فعل ماض

Verse (16:92)

The analysis above refers to the 92nd verse of chapter 16 (sūrat l-naḥl):

Sahih International: And do not be like she who untwisted her spun thread after it was strong [by] taking your oaths as [means of] deceit between you because one community is more plentiful [in number or wealth] than another community. Allah only tries you thereby. And He will surely make clear to you on the Day of Resurrection that over which you used to differ.

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2 messages

Mazhar A. Nurani

17th August, 2011

Not verb, but Comparative noun, nominative.

Md. Fazlul Haque

14th November, 2016

It is not a Verb, it is a noun called Isme tafdeel. It is the Khabar of the Mubtada 'Hiya'.

Reference Al I'rabul Mufassal likitabillahil Murattal, Vol - 6, Page 200:

Correction should me made in the Dictionary section as well.

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