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Verse (10:35), Word 22 - Quranic Grammar


The 22nd word of verse (10:35) is a form VIII imperfect verb (فعل مضارع). The verb is third person masculine singular and is in the indicative mood (مرفوع). The verb's triliteral root is hā dāl yā (ه د ي).

Chapter (10) sūrat yūnus (Jonah)

V – 3rd person masculine singular (form VIII) imperfect verb فعل مضارع

Verse (10:35)

The analysis above refers to the 35th verse of chapter 10 (sūrat yūnus):

Sahih International: Say, "Are there of your 'partners' any who guides to the truth?" Say, " Allah guides to the truth. So is He who guides to the truth more worthy to be followed or he who guides not unless he is guided? Then what is [wrong] with you - how do you judge?"

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2 messages

Maqbool Ahmad

1st August, 2014

(10:35:22) Should it not be يَهْتَدِىْ if it is VIII?

If not then could some body help me how it is VIII

Abdul Rahman

3rd August, 2014

Because of the proximity of the points of articulation of the two letters (ta and dal), the Arabs pronounced it by assimilating (idgham) the first letter into the second letter, resulting in the loss of the ta sound (in effect, replacing the fathah with a sukun) and a doubling (shaddah) of the dal. The kasrah vowel is then placed below the ha to avoid the awkwardness of pronouncing two sukuns coming together.

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