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We are currently looking for volunteers to review the linguistic annotation in the corpus. If you come across a word and you feel that a better analysis could be provided, you can suggest a correction online by clicking on an Arabic word. New messages or suggestions still under discussion are shown below. Resolved comments on morphological and syntactic tagging have been archived (5234 messages).

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 (1:1:1) Verb maḥ'dhūf (Omitted) Fa'il maḥ'dhūf (Omitted) Dara 10 September 13
 (1:1:2) I'm wondering what the basis is for this word being... Samir Abboushi 7 September 17
 Contrary to popular belief, the word Allah is NOT a... Abdul Rahman 11 September 17
 From: http://www.muslim.org/islam/allah.htm Abdul Rahman 11 September 17
 PART 1 of 2 ========== Thanks very much for you... Samir Abboushi 2 October 17
 PART 2 of 2 ========== This struck me as odd -- verses... Samir Abboushi 2 October 17
 (1:1:4)  اسم المبالغة Intensive Adjective/Intensive Active... Mazhar A. Nurani 2 May 11
 (1:2:1) In explanation of verb forms what is the significance... Maqbool Ahmad 1 September 15
 It is not digit 3, as in F-3-L. It is the Arabic letter ع as... Abdul Rahman 8 September 15
 (1:2:2) Kais, Assalamo Alaikum, Congratulations for... Mazhar A. Nurani 2 May 11
 (1:2:3) Rabb Sift or Ni'at (should be coined as noun as is... Dara 10 September 13
 (1:2:4) العا لمين - اسم الآلة "tool of usage" plural of... daawuwd 13 May 11
 Fat-ha at the end of Al-Alamni-a is indicative of plethora... Dara 10 September 13
 (1:3:1) In the heading of Part-of-speech Tagset in 6th row... zahid javaid 19 November 11
 (1:4:2) It is a general question regarding to the audio... Maqbool Ahmad 22 May 17
 (1:5:2) I think "na'budu" should be translated into " we... Abdul Azis Lihawa 12 May 13
 We adore would be still better because it carries both the... Mansoor Ahmad 24 May 13
 thanks for the comment, but as i can see the noun of this... Abdul Azis Lihawa 11 July 13
 The English word "serve" implies a need on the part of the... Abdul Rahman 10 July 13
 o clarify: The one "worshipped" is completely independent of... Abdul Rahman 11 July 13
 [Our Sustainer Lord Ar'Reh'maan] You the Exalted are the One... Mazhar A. Nurani 11 July 13
 (1:7:2) REL – masculine plural relative pronoun... Abdul Rahman 28 April 14
 (1:7:5) Please help me to know the reason of letter''ra'' in... zarin 16 May 12
 One reason is that it is "sifah" (na3t) to "alladhiina" which... Abdul Rahman 17 May 12
 (2:1:1) 1. Noun: Alif-Lam-Mim is Mubtada' (Beginning) while... Dara 14 September 13
 (2:2:1) Dha: Noun for short-distance pointing (directional)... Dara 14 September 13
 Issue: Dha-li-ka Al-Kitab-u has the semi-sentence La Raiba... Dara 15 September 13
 (2:2:2) I'rab: Sifat/Niat or Badal (in place of), in state of... Dara 14 September 13
 (2:2:3) La could be Nafiya Li-Al-Jins (Categorical Negation)... Dara 14 September 13
 (2:2:4) Verbal Noun: Indefinite; Singular; masculine... Mazhar A. Nurani 5 May 11
 (2:2:6) Huda-n: Khabar for Dha-Li-Ka, gives information about... Dara 14 September 13
 (2:3:1) Tafsir: Lisan Al-Arab Al-Ladhi is an ambiguous... Dara 15 September 13
 Version: There are two different I'rab for this noun (per... Dara 15 September 13
 REL – masculine plural relative pronoun, indeclinable... Abdul Rahman 28 April 14
 (2:3:2) Yu-Mim-Nun-Waw-Nun-a: Present verb, in state of Raf'... Dara 15 September 13
 (2:3:6) Waw Ist'inaf: means Waw is simply a separator that... Dara 15 September 13
 Mimma: Two words merged Min+Ma, Nun of Min merged with Mim of... Dara 15 September 13
 (2:3:7) Tense: Ra-Za-Qa is in past tense, but the tense is... Dara 15 September 13
 Ra-Za-Q-Na-Hu-M is Silat Mausul for Ism Mausul Ma from the... Dara 16 September 13
 Na: Nun+Alif suffix connected pronoun Us/We Hu-M: suffix... Dara 16 September 13
 Na: Fai'l (Grammatical Doer) Hu is Maf'ul Bi-Hi (subject) Dara 15 September 13
 (2:3:8) Yu-N-Fi-Q-Waw-N: Waw Fa'il (Grammatical Doer). It is... Dara 16 September 13
 (2:10:9) Adjective resembling participle on فَعِيْلٌ ... Mazhar A. Nurani 16 June 11
 (2:10:11) Salam. The root kwn has 1358 counts Kais 21 July 13
 Salam Kais, Your corupus also shows The triliteral root... Mazhar A. Nurani 22 July 13
 Your corpus website divides the kwn root words into 4 groups... Abdul Rahman 27 July 13

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