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We are currently looking for volunteers to review the linguistic annotation in the corpus. If you come across a word and you feel that a better analysis could be provided, you can suggest a correction online by clicking on an Arabic word. New messages or suggestions still under discussion are shown below. Resolved comments on morphological and syntactic tagging have been archived (5234 messages).

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 (47:23:6) I think the description should be V – 3rd person... Maqbool Ahmad 21 September 13
 (42:45:2) I think فعل مضارع should be replaced with فعل مضارع... Maqbool Ahmad 15 September 13
 Anyone else want to confirm this as passive? Kais 15 September 13
 According to Halabi's Al-Durr Al-Masun... Dara 15 September 13
 Thanks Dara. Anyone else want to take a look? Kais 16 September 13
 This is a Form IV verb: V – 3rd person masculine plural... Abdul Rahman 16 September 13
 Haal is not always noun, please refer to Arabic Grammatical... Dara 16 September 13
 That may well be the case. But for the purpose of this... Abdul Rahman 16 September 13
 This is a tricky issue. Terminology can vary between... Kais 17 September 13
 (2:3:8) Yu-N-Fi-Q-Waw-N: Waw Fa'il (Grammatical Doer). It is... Dara 16 September 13
 (2:3:6) Waw Ist'inaf: means Waw is simply a separator that... Dara 15 September 13
 Mimma: Two words merged Min+Ma, Nun of Min merged with Mim of... Dara 15 September 13
 (2:3:2) Yu-Mim-Nun-Waw-Nun-a: Present verb, in state of Raf'... Dara 15 September 13
 (2:3:7) Tense: Ra-Za-Qa is in past tense, but the tense is... Dara 15 September 13
 Ra-Za-Q-Na-Hu-M is Silat Mausul for Ism Mausul Ma from the... Dara 16 September 13
 Na: Nun+Alif suffix connected pronoun Us/We Hu-M: suffix... Dara 16 September 13
 Na: Fai'l (Grammatical Doer) Hu is Maf'ul Bi-Hi (subject) Dara 15 September 13
 (2:2:1) Dha: Noun for short-distance pointing (directional)... Dara 14 September 13
 Issue: Dha-li-ka Al-Kitab-u has the semi-sentence La Raiba... Dara 15 September 13
 (2:2:6) Huda-n: Khabar for Dha-Li-Ka, gives information about... Dara 14 September 13
 (2:2:3) La could be Nafiya Li-Al-Jins (Categorical Negation)... Dara 14 September 13
 (2:1:1) 1. Noun: Alif-Lam-Mim is Mubtada' (Beginning) while... Dara 14 September 13
 (2:2:2) I'rab: Sifat/Niat or Badal (in place of), in state of... Dara 14 September 13
 (4:1:28) Raqib-an is Khabar for Ka-na per Salih Dara 13 September 13
 Raqib-an is Khabar for Ka-na per Salih Dara 13 September 13
 Per Tantawi's (Al-Azhar) Khabar of Inna is Mahzuf, but Salih... Dara 13 September 13
 (4:1:24) Tafsir... Dara 13 September 13
 (4:1:25) Allah is noun for Inna. Allah-a is Mansub, it is... Dara 13 September 13
 (4:1:26) Noun for Kan-a is Huwa which is omitted. Dara 13 September 13
 (4:1:19) Because of the Waw, Allah inherits the I'rab of the... Dara 12 September 13
 (4:1:18) Implicit call of Ya-Ayy-u-Ha is called here, but the... Dara 12 September 13
 (4:1:21) Originally the verb was Ta-Ta-Sa'al-un The two... Dara 12 September 13
 (4:1:14) Jar-Majrur to Bath-tha Mim of Min-Hu-Ma is 'Imad... Dara 12 September 13
 (4:1:13) Waw is Ma'tuf linked/related to Khalaqa Dara 12 September 13
 (4:1:10) Version: Waw could be Ma'tuf-a to MINHA JAUJAHA... Dara 12 September 13
 Version: In this version Salih says the verse... Dara 12 September 13
 (4:1:4) Composition: Rabb-A: Rabb (Administrator, Guardian... Dara 12 September 13
 (4:1:3) 'I-Ta-Taq-Waw-Alif comprised of: 1. Hamza: Amr... Dara 12 September 13
 (4:1:8) Nafs is not Soul, in most Tafsir of Sunni scholars... Dara 12 September 13
 (4:1:5) Al-La-Dhi: Sifat or Niat Sifat for Maf'ul Bi-Hi... Dara 12 September 13
 Tafsir: http://untiredwithloving.org/al_la_dhi_grammar.html Dara 12 September 13

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